Whaa? Chicago Tribune Endorses…Gov. Gary Johnson?

Here’s something many of us have been wondering a long time. What are they smoking over at the Chicago Tribune? Now I think we know the answer.

With President Trump or Clinton, reasons to go on livingFrom The Chicago Tribune:

OK, like the rest of their other LSM pals, they DESPISE Donald Trump, who they call “bombastic and self-aggrandizing,” which is not necessarily not true, but which most of us don’t think is as disqualifying as one who is not only a gangsta who destroys evidence under subpoena, but a breathtaking incompetent, who turns to crap everything she touches.

More from The Trib on Trump:

The Republicans have nominated Donald Trump, a man not fit to be president of the United States. We first wrote on March 10 that we would not, could not, endorse him. And in the intervening six-plus months he has splendidly reinforced our verdict: Trump has gone out of his way to anger world leaders, giant swaths of the American public, and people of other lands who aspire to immigrate here legally. He has neither the character nor the prudent disposition for the job.

As for Hillary, after accurately stating that she strayed from her husband’s “New Democrat” moderation of the 1990’s, “pandering to match the Free Stuff agenda of then-rival Bernie Sanders,” they describe the fiscal disaster that her plans would create:

Hillary Clinton calls for a vast expansion of federal spending, supported by the kinds of tax hikes that were comically impossible even in the years when President Barack Obama’s fellow Democrats dominated both houses of Congress. The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget calculates that Clinton’s plan would increase spending by $1.65 trillion over a decade, mostly for college education, paid family leave, infrastructure and health-related expenditures. Spending just on debt interest would rise by $50 billion. Personal and business taxation would rise by $1.5 trillion. Sort through all the details and her plan would raise the national debt by $200 billion.

Then–I never saw this coming–they bust her on her congenital lying, even about Benghazi.

In the wake of a deadly attack on American personnel in Libya, she steered the American public away from the real cause — an inconvenient terror attack right before the 2012 election — after privately emailing the truth to her daughter. The head of the FBI, while delivering an indictment minus the grand jury paperwork, labeled her “extremely careless” for mishandling emails sensitive to national security. In public she stonewalled, dissembled and repeatedly lied — several were astonishing whoppers — about her private communications system (“There is no classified material,” “Everything I did was permitted,” and on and on). Her negligence in enforcing conflict-of-interest boundaries allowed her family’s foundation to exploit the U.S. Department of State as a favor factory. Even her command and control of a routine medical issue devolved into a secretive, misleading mission to hide information from Americans.

Time upon time, Clinton’s behavior affirms the perception that she’s a corner-cutter whose ambitions drive her decisions. One telling episode among the countless: Asked by a voter if she was for or against the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, she replied, “If it’s undecided when I become president, I will answer your question.” As we’ve asked here before, will Hillary Clinton ever get over her consuming fear of straight talk?

So that leaves what? Well, Gary “Why do you think they call it dope?” Johnson of course! The Tribune writes:

This year neither major party presents a good option. So the Chicago Tribune today endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson for president of the United States. Every American who casts a vote for him is standing for principles — and can be proud of that vote. Yes, proud of a candidate in 2016.

The problem, my liberal journalist friends at the Trib, is that Gary Johnson is in favor of keeping the floodgates open, and allowing an endless tide of “refugees” and illegals to pour into the country. His running mate, who is a good friend of Hillary’s, and who endorsed Obama, former Gov. William Weld, said that Donald Trumps’s desire to enforce our immigration laws remind him of Kristelnacht. (Low information people–use the Google.)

In their endorsement, the geniuses at the Chicago Tribune, correctly lament the explosion of our national debt, and praise Gary Johnson for wanting to raise the retirement age and means test certain programs. While I personally think that those ideas are probably good, what they are missing is something that should be very obvious; specifically, it’s not possible to have libertarianism and open borders. It’s also not possible to have libertarianism and a welfare state. Have Mssr. Johnson and Weld checked into the percentage of immigrants, including legal immigrants, who are on some form of government assistance? It is over 70%! So that’s a non-starter.

What do you think of the Chicago Tribune’s endorsement? At the risk of sounding like Howard Dean, do you think that they are inhaling?

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