Whaa??? DOJ Gives Immunity Given to Platte River Guy (Now Named) Who Deleted Emails

Seriously? We told you on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show that the fact that his name was redacted in the FBI notes released last Friday meant that he had been given immunity, which makes no sense, given the official story.

Platte River

Like so many other things in this Hillary Clinton email scandal. We know his name now. It is Paul Combetta.

From the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times:

A computer specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails despite orders from Congress to preserve them was given immunity by the Justice Department during its investigation into her personal email account, according to a law enforcement official and others briefed on the investigation.

Republicans have called for the department to investigate the deletions, but the immunity deal with the specialist, Paul Combetta, makes it unlikely that the request will go far. Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, the top Republican on the House oversight committee, asked the Justice Department on Tuesday to investigate whether Mrs. Clinton, her lawyers or the specialist obstructed justice when the emails were deleted in March 2015.

Mr. Combetta is one of at least two people who were given immunity by the Justice Department as part of the investigation. The other was Bryan Pagliano, a former campaign staff member for Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, who was granted immunity in exchange for answering questions about how he set up a server in Mrs. Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, N.Y., around the time she became secretary of state in 2009.

The F.B.I. described the deletions by Mr. Combetta in a summary of its investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s account that was released last Friday. The documents blacked out the specialist’s name, but the law enforcement official and others familiar with the case identified the employee as Mr. Combetta. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified discussing matters that were supposed to remain confidential.

Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, said that the deletions by the specialist, who worked for a Colorado company called Platte River Networks, had already been “thoroughly examined by the F.B.I. prior to its decision to close out this case.”

And as we also told you last Sunday,

According to the F.B.I. documents, Mr. Combetta told the bureau in February that he did not recall deleting the emails. But in May, he told a different story.

In the days after Mrs. Clinton’s staffers called Platte River Networks in March 2015, Mr. Combetta said realized that he had not followed a December 2014 order from Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers to have the emails deleted. Mr. Combetta then used a program called BleachBit to delete the messages, the bureau said.

In Mr. Combetta’s first interview with the F.B.I. in February, he said he did not recall seeing the preservation order from the Benghazi committee, which Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer, Cheryl D. Mills, had sent to Platte River. But in his May interview, he said that at the time he made the deletions “he was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton’s email data” on the Platte River server.

A guy who lied to the FBI doesn’t end up like Martha Stewart or Scooter Libby doing some time in the Steel Hotel? In addition, remember, both Hillary and one of the key members of her coven, Cheryl Mills, said that they had absolutely no knowledge of this deletion of documents that were under subpoena.

So, we’re expected to believe (1) that a relatively low-level IT guy made a unilateral decision to delete thousands of emails that he knew he was not supposed to delete under penalty of law without asking any one else and (2) here’s the really interesting part–that the FBI gave the guy who made the unilateral decision to destroy evidence, the guy who committed the crime, immunity? This is like giving immunity to the trigger man who held up the bank! No prosecutor does that. They give immunity to the guy who drove the getaway car, or others who can help them convict the real bad guys, but not to the main perp.

Obama’s Department of (In)Justice gave immunity to only two people, both of whom seem to be in a perfect position to expose what really happened, and one of which admits to committing two crimes (lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice). So what do you think is going on?


  1. How do I find out if Hillary received immunity too? Is there a paper trail?

    • Yes, but often the documents are under seal with the consent of the prosecutors. That’s what happened in Bryan Pagliano’s case. Then a judge can decide if the agreement can remain under seal.

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