Whack Stack: WaPo Reporter David Fahrenthold Who Investigated Trump Foundation Admits He Belongs in “National Institute of Morons”

Because he shot himself in the eye with his child’s glitter gun for some inexplicable reason, other than the fact that he might just possible be a moron.


From The Daily Caller:

David Fahrenthold wrote an account of how he broke some big news on the Trump Foundation in the past year, including forcing Trump to admit his charity had not spent all the money he promised to give to veterans groups.

But Fahrenthold include a few weird paragraphs on how he shot himself in the eye with a glitter gun after getting home one night from doing TV spots.

Here’s his account of what happened:

When I came home from my last TV hit, the kids, ages 4 and 5 months, were asleep. The house was quiet. I was still full of caffeine and do-gooder energy and decided to tidy up.

Among the clutter on the coffee table, I found my 4-year-old’s Party Popper, a bright yellow gun that fired confetti. For some reason, I held the gun up to my eye and looked down the barrel, the way Yosemite Sam always does.

It looked unloaded.

Then, for some reason, I pulled the trigger.

When I got to the ER, I had a swollen face, metal-foil confetti in my hair and a faint odor of gun smoke. Finally, the doctor could see me.

“I shot myself in the eye with a glitter gun,” I said. I showed him the Party Popper, which I had brought with me, in case he wanted to send it off to the National Institute of Morons for further study.

I got home from the hospital with a scratched cornea and a tube of eye ointment. The next day, with some of my dignity permanently lost, I got started on a bigger story.

“Do gooder energy” indeed. It is refreshing to hear one of these liberals admit that they are engaging in self-important, moral vamping.

I guess we can see why liberals don’t think we are smart enough to have guns in our homes, huh?

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