What a Perfect Symbol for Age of Obama: Iconic “Hope” Poster Artist Stole, Lied to Try to Cover it Up

The artist (and I use that term in the modern sense of the word, which means that even your dog relieving himself in the backyard counts if you want it to, and especially if you can convince the National Endowment for the Arts to give you a grant) who created that “iconic” Hope poster, Shepard Fairey, has gotten his comeuppance.

From the BBC: 

The US artist who created the well-known “Hope” poster featuring President Barack Obama has been given two years probation and fined $25,000 (£15,000) in a criminal contempt case.

Shepard Fairey pleaded guilty in February to destroying documents and fabricating evidence in his legal battle with Associated Press (AP).

He had based his poster on an AP photo and later tried to hide the evidence.

Mr Fairey was spared jail but will do 300 hours of community service.

The charge carries a maximum custodial sentence of six months.

The hilarious thing about this case is that it resulted because this dope started the whole thing in the first place by suing AP! Yes, apparently he is as thin-skinned as his idol Barack, and when AP accused him of stealing other people’s work, he wasn’t going to take that lying down! No sir! He was entitled to appropriate that photo in the interest of promoting “shared prosperity.” When he got caught, he lied to try to cover it up.

What a perfect symbol for the last 4 years. Why do you think they call it “dope?”


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