What an Amazing Coincidence! Conservative Media Calls Out Obama on China, Lame Stream Media Reports He’s Getting Tough

What an amazing coincidence! Just one day after Bill Gertz reported in the Washington Examiner on the Obama administration’s failure to bust China on its obvious state-sponsored cyber attacks, suddenly the Liberal Death Star reports, “U.S. Demands China Block Cyber Attacks and Agree to Rules.”

The White House demanded Monday that the Chinese government stop the widespread theft of data from American computer networks and agree to “acceptable norms of behavior in cyberspace.”

The demand, made in a speech by President Obama’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon, was the first public confrontation with China over cyberespionage and came two days after its foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, rejected a growing body of evidence that his country’s military was involved in cyberattacks on American corporations and some government agencies.

I’m sure that the Obama administration’s condemnation of China, long overdue, just three days, had nothing to do with their being called out by conservative media.

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