What Does it Mean to “Act Like” Michelle?

From the Daily Mail:

15-year-old Jada Campbell of Beachwood, Ohio is a big fan of Michelle Obama and has been told she looks and acts like her.

So Jada sent a few pictures of herself to Mrs Obama herself, asking what she thought.

That got me thinking. Just exactly what does it mean to “act like” Michelle?

Is it, as this posting from Aggie Sith at Hookers and Booze suggests:




Yikes! Not exactly the “beautiful” “fashion icon” her acolytes in the LSM have been trying to sell us.








Other possibilities of what it means to “act like Michelle:”

  • Telling everyone else what to eat and how much to exercise when you have 40-inch hips?
  • Telling working class women who earn $15,000 a year how noble it is to do public service, not mentioning that your public service consisted of a no-show job obtained through political connections that also pays 6 figures?
  • Stomping around the planet in an endless series of ridiculously expensive, but still somehow hideous outfits?
  • Indulging your addiction to endless luxury vacations?
  • Barely concealng your disgust as your husband stumbles through the patriotic remarks someone put on his PrompTer?

In one sense, this Jada Campbell is a genuine Mooch mini me because she appears to be almost as self-absorbed, but since she’s 15, I’d say that’s a forgivable sin. If she’s still like that when she’s a few months shy of 50, then she’ll be exactly like her idol.

What do you think it means to “act like” Michelle? Please post your thoughts below.




  1. Successful law career? What are you smoking? She washed out at Sidley & Austin because she was too good to do any actual work. When you have everything handed to you because of your black skin privilege, you don’t expect to actually do any work. http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2008/10/michelle_obama_book_tells_of_h.html

    And she’s doing a great job helping the troops with those ridiculously back logged claims NOT. But then, once again that would involve actual work, not photo oops.

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