What Does Lisa Page Have to Hide?

Peter Strzok’s extramarital gal pal, Lisa Page, has decided to defy a subpoena to testify before Congress today, but she has decided not to show up. So what can Congress do?

Lisa Page

From The Washington Times:

Lisa Page, the former anti-Trump FBI lawyer who was briefly part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, will not attend a Congressional hearing for which she had been subpoenaed, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte confirmed late Tuesday.

Ms. Page was scheduled to testify on Wednesday before the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees.

In a statement, Mr. Goodlatte, Virginia Republican, said Ms. Page “has no excuse” for her failure to appear, saying she has known for months the two committees were interested in her testimony.

“It appears that Lisa Page has something to hide,” he said. “She plans to blatantly defy a congressional subpoena by refusing to appear for her deposition.”

“We will use all tools at our disposal to obtain her testimony,” Mr. Goodlatte’s statement continued.

Ms. Page’s attorney, Amy Jeffress, released a statement saying her client had only been subpoenaed four days before the hearing and needed more time to prepare.

More time to prepare? As in to make up more lies? Lady, EVERYONE is on to you and your adulterous lover, Peter Strzok, and the rest of the Deep State criminals trying to undo the will of we, the people.

What can Congress do if Ms. Page continues her recalcitrance? After the whole Congress certifies that she is in contempt of Congress, they can refer the matter to the appropriate U.S. Attorney, who is supposed to bring it before a grand jury. (2 U.S.C. §194) I’m sure you recall that both Eric Holder’s and Lois Lerner’s cases were referred to the U.S. Attorney for D.C. who chose to do nothing, which was a real shock. Not really–he was a democrat, and you know how they view the rule of law. If the current U.S. Attorney refuses to take action, Congress can fall back on its inherent authority to try someone for contempt, something they haven’t done in 75 years, and something that it’s not likely they will do now.

And let me answer the question I posed originally. What does Lisa Page have to hide? A LOT. She is not just an adulterous skank, she’s a corrupt, Deep State operative. Her parents must be so proud!

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