What Romney Needs to Say About Romneycare-Show Notes: 2-26-12

You need this book!

Any truth to the rumor that if the Oscars go over 3 hours, Obama is going to show up and personally apologize?

Nancy Pelosi was right: we had to pass the bill, Obamacare, to find out what was in the bill. Now that we are, we are discovering an endless supply of nasty little surprises, which result in higher costs, rationing of care and many good doctors leaving the profession. Our special guest Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute and author of the new book, Why Obamacare is Wrong for America, has been examining health care policy for over 15 years. She has some terrific advice for Mitt Romney. Let’s hope if he’s the nominee, he’ll take it. Listen to the interview to hear it. Ms. Turner’s appearance begins at ~40 minutes after the opening of the show. She makes clear that if we don’t treat Obamacare like one of those abortion survivors that B.Hussein was blithely willing to let die by defunding it and then repealing it, America as a free country is over. Note to John Boehner: remember what happened in 1996. Despite what we read in the revisionist history written by LSM, about Bill Clinton’s skillful defeat of Newt Gingrich, the real story is that Bob Dole did the El Foldo because he was afraid of what would happen when it was his turn to run for president. Moderates strike again! Don’t take my word for it. Liberal apparatchik Paul Begala agrees.

More from Grace-Marie Turner:

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Second Amendment Update: Another weapon from Fast and Furious involved in murder of a federal agent. The parents of ICE agent Jaime Zapata were shocked to learn that the weapon trafficker was sentenced to prison in January. No one bothered to contact them! They are looking for answers. There’s one question we’d all like answered: Why is Eric Holder still Attorney General?

More than 200 attend concealed carry event in Rockford – Rockford, IL – Rockford Register Star (read the hilarious advice given to gun grabbers to women who are attacked. I say don’t bring a rat-tailed comb–who the heck has had one of those in the last 30 years?–to an attempted rape.)

Producer Thomas suggests a method to get the state of Illinois to join the other 49 and allow some form of concealed carry to law-abiding citizens, one that would be very effective; give Illinois pol Mike Madigan a commission on every bullet sold.

British journo Katty Kay, appearing on the 2/26/12 edition of Chris Matthews’ syndicated show, is mystified about why “Americans” are obsessed with non-issue of contraception. Gee, could it be that the Lame Stream Media, led by former dem operative George Stephanapolous, took its marching orders from the Regime back in January? (We were the first to point that out on our January 8 show.)

Best Performance by an Insufferable Gasbag in a Non-Supporting (as in supporting America) Role-it’s Oscar Sunday, after all


  • Barack Hussein Obama, who actually deserves a Lifetime Achievement in this category, but was nominated for his statement a couple of weeks ago that it “turns out” that pesky Constitution is a MUCH bigger problem than could have realized before he got into office. Really, “Professor?”
  • Tim “Turbo Tax” Geithner, falling back on the dem meme that paying taxes is patriotic, and the price of being an American. Does this statement mean that he’s plagiarizing from Joe Biden?
  • Warren Buffet, whether out of guilt or for ego gratification, allowing his secretary to be used as a shill for a false narrative about the “unfairness” of our tax system. Nice little lame happy talk routine, Warren and Debbie. Too bad it’s not true.
  • Liberal brain rot victim/MS-NBC host Melissa Harris Perry explains the GOP’s “War on Women” to Al Sharpton. It’s a national eating disorder. Who knew? Has anyone told Moochelle? The brilliant professor also weighed in on the movie “The Help.” I know that you will enjoy this excellent analysis The PJ Tatler » Why MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Pretends to Hate The Help.

Obama discovers new form of alternative energy: pond scum. No doubt that will be the answer to $5/gallon gas. Which campaign contributor owns an algae factory?

Caller Marathonpundit answers our request for alternative Oscar hosts, and suggests an excellent choice. He also updates us on his great reporting on the Occupy movement. Is that still around? As long as there are people who refuse to take their psych meds, there will be filthy misfits obstructing commerce, roaming the streets, screeching obscenities.

Never doubt me file: I told you I thought Billy Crystal would be lame, based on this montage I watched before yesterday’s show. Never doubt me.

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