What The Jurassic Media Isn’t Telling You About Their Latest Poll

As you know, some of the most enthusiastic Obama campaign workers don’t actually receive a paycheck directly from its coffers. They like to call themselves “journalists,” and they have been spinning like tops, faster and faster as they lose more sleep contemplating their looming defeat, now less than 100 days away. Their latest attempt to dispirit their opposition is today’s CBS-New York Times-Quinnipiac poll, which proves conclusively that  the narcissistic, completely unqualified, affirmative-action assisted empty suit currently occupying the Oval Office is way ahead of Mitt Romney in three battleground states, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. If it’s in the Liberal Death Star, it must be true, right? No, because–I hope that you are sitting down–they aren’t telling you everything, and what they are leaving out makes a HUGE difference.

Here’s how Jeff Zeleny and Dalia Sussman’s New York Times story, New Polls in Three Battleground States Show Obama Edgebegan:

President Obama is struggling to convince voters that he deserves to win re-election based on his handling of the economy, but his empathy and personal appeal give him an edge over Mitt Romney in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, according to Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News polls.

Of course! After all, if Mr. “Punish Your Enemies,” who is comfortable with letting babies who manage to survive abortions die without medical assistance, isn’t the poster child for empathy, I’d like you to show me one. Obviously, readers are in for a completely objective report.

Later in the story, we read

Mr. Obama has a clear advantage on personal measures, and far more voters say he cares about the needs and problems of people like them.

Mr. Romney is seen as being able to do a comparable job on the economy. More voters in Florida say his economic policies would be better for their own financial situations. Among independent voters in the state, the poll found Mr. Romney outpacing Mr. Obama by 14 percentage points when asked who would perform better on the economy.

Here we go again with the touchy-feely garbage that gives Obama an obvious edge. Is it just me, or do you think that possibly many of that 14 percent of Florida voters who believe Mr. Romney, the former successful businessman, who would do a better job pulling our economy out of the toilet, just might decide to choose him over the guy who started out on Chicago street corner with a clipboard and a bullhorn?

Here’s the most significant information omitted from the breathless Lame Stream Media reports. The authors of this agitprop have repeated that Obama’s advantage lies in his personal appeal, his favorability. With that in mind, consider this graphic, which was not in the story, but which you had to look for on another page. Since I know it’s hard to read, scroll down for the rest of the story.

Obama v. Romney Likeability
When you add up the numbers, please note the difference between those who have no opinion.

Consider Pennsylvania. Obama’s favorable is 53%, and his unfavorable is 42%, for a total of 95%. Romney’s favorable is 39% and his unfavorable is 47%, for a total of 86%. So, only 5% of people are undecided on their opinion of the One v. 14% who apparently don’t know enough about Gov. Romney to say one way or the other. The numbers are similar in the other two states. There’s not much more to learn about Barack Obama, Celebutard-in-Chief, ironically, the most overexposed (as in covered by obsessively by the dinomedia), and least known (as in having every significant bit of information about him sealed), individual in modern history. Even his room-temperature IQ, slobbering worshippers in the American Idol audience have lost interest at this point. By contrast, many Americans still need to get acquainted with the former Massachusetts’ governor, and when they do, many of them are going to like what they learn.

In addition, these polls oversampled Democrats by approximately 9%.

These silly polls, and the misleading stories about them, are ridiculously transparent attempts to discourage people from voting against the Dear Reader this fall. Not only won’t it work. Like most of the things they do, these polls and the reporting about them is embarrassing and pathetic.

I can’t wait until November 7. I don’t think there’s enough champagne on the planet for the celebration I’m planning. What say you?


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