What Will the Court Do with Obamacare?

We’ll know in about 3 hours. What would you to see them do? It’s no secret that I want this hideous scheme thrown out, lock, stock and barrel. I have a hard time seeing how they keep this thing in place when it has no severability clause, but as we have seen many times, the Supremes can do whatever they want.

What say you?


  1. I’d also like the whole piece of garbage tossed out. The mandate is only the funding however. Court could toss it, keep rest but Dems would have to pass a special tax to fund it.

  2. If they followed the US Constitution, they wouldn’t be looking at the matter since they were never given authority by the States to overturn any law. They would throw it to the States to overturn it.
    But in this unConstitutional issue using unConstitutional powers, probably overturn it.

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