What’s a Bigger Threat to Our Security, the NFL or ISIS? Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 9-14-14

WThe Teri O'Brien Showar, What is it good for? Other than eliminating Hitler, slavery and many other scourges on humanity, that is.

 In this episode:

Words the Regime Can’t Say: Terrorism, War, Islamofascism

White House Mouthpiece, Dennis “Walking Dead” McDonough refuses to admit that Regime did on a 180 on whether or not we’re at war

Obama, who HATES the political theater of his job, strategizes with “journalists” about his upcoming speech

Having Spent Decades Trying to Destroy the Traditional Family, Feminists are Outraged that Boys Grow Up to NFL Players Who Don’t Know How to Be Men

Vladimir Putin’s Response to Obama’s “Show of Strength” by Going to Estonia: Kidnapping an Estonian Interior Ministry Security Official and Putting Him in a Moscow Prison

Despite the hashtag, Boko Haram is still very active, and still has the girls

Is the U.K. a Preview of Coming Attractions: Rationed Medical Care and 16 year olds voting?

Who Eats Better Food? The inmates at Gitmo, or schoolchildren forced to live under Moochelle’s “nutrition” guidelines

Moochelle’s Liposuction and Divorce Makevoer?

In only a few months, Obama has gone from mocking the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria aka ISIS as the “JV,” to wanting to go to war–no wait–engage in a sustained counter-terrorism action–no wait–it is a war against them. In between, he had “no strategy,” then wanted to make them a “manageable problem” to deciding they are a cancer that must be “degraded and ultimately destroyed.” The insertion of the adverb “ultimately” is extremely troubling, since it strongly implies that rather than making a determined stand and executing a swift dispatch of these vermin, it’s going to be a long, slog, featuring the dithering, reactive approach that got us here in the first place. Given that Obama has stated that “we can’t do for the Iraqis what they have to do for themselves,” I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Apparently this military action isn’t about our national security, or our national security is in the hands of the Iraqi government, or something. Get it? Neither do I.

ISIS and Related Islamic Maniacs

Obama: We Will Shrink ISIS Into a “Manageable Problem” – Katie Pavlich

Don’t Call It a War? Administration hit for refusing to use ‘w’ word for ISIS mission | Fox News

White House makes it official: US “at war” with IS – Yahoo News

Under Obama, Egyptians’ views of U.S. worse than under George W. Bush presidency | Pew Research Center

Australia becomes first country to commit troops to US coalition fighting Isil ‘death cult’ – Telegraph

Arab allies willing to launch airstrikes against Islamic State | Mobile Washington Examiner

David Haines’ Murder By ISIS ‘Pure Evil,’ Cameron Says – Business Insider

Obama: I Was Against the Authorization for War Before I Was for It

Obama Met Privately With Top Journalists Before ISIS War Speech

Like It or Not, 9/11 is About Islam | The American Spectator

Boko Haram attack market in northeast Nigeria – Yahoo News


Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson indicted on charge of felony child abuse

Adrian Peterson could have 7 kids: ex | New York Post

Uneven playing field? Judge, prosecutor who let Ray Rice walk toss book at single mom | Fox News

Indoctrination by ESPN | National Review Online

Ravens’ Ray Rice avoids prosecution in assault case | Q

Putin Not Impressed with Obama’s Show of Strength

An Estonian agent, a Russian arrest and more tensions with Moscow – The Washington Post

European states demand release of Estonian nabbed by Russian agents – LA Times

Meanwhile in North Korea …

North Korea sentences American Matthew Miller to 6 years of hard labor – The Washington Post

The Week Ahead

Benghazi panel begins hearings with questions on US diplomats’ safety | Fox News


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