What’s Really Behind Obama’s Phony “Charm” Offensive, The Left’s Wacky View of the U.S. Constitution: Show Notes, 3-10-13 Program

  • Bo, White House DogWhat Exactly Does Chief of Staff for White House Dog Do? Whatever it is, it’s worth over $100,00 a year
  • Rand Paul’s Filibuster Challenges Executive Power by Asking a Simple Question; John McCain, and Lindsay “John McCain Jr.” Ridicule Suggestion That Federal Government Might Kill American Citizens. We Could Ask David Koresh …Oh wait
  • We still don’t know the answer to the critical question, “Who exactly is ‘engaged in combat,’ and therefore eligible to be taken out with a drone?
  • McCain calls Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, et. al “wacko birds.” Has he ever used that word to describe Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin?
  • One of the most destructive uses of state-controlled media, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” declares that the economy is really really awesomely peachy. I wonder if they’ve seen the labor participation rate?
  • Crazy Karzai Spoils Mr. Kruger’s Visit by Saying Taliban is Working with U.S. To Kill CiviliansMr. Kruger Chuck Hagel
  • Chris “the Screamer” Matthews Continues to Be Obsessed with Former Vice President Cheney
  • Clinton’s “Growth,” and discovery that the Defense of Marriage Act, which he signed, is now “unconstitutional” v. Jeb Bush’s Pandering “Flip Flop” on immigration-Double-standard much?
  • How Liberals Interpret the Constitution-Queer Eye, Matthew Sheppard Fairy Tale, and, in the case of Dick Durbin, Arriving in Washington, D.C., and Learning that Pro-Lifers are Mean People Who Suck
  • The Truth About Matthew Sheppard
  • Some Women Upset with Sheryl Sandberg for Claim in New Book that Women Have an Ambition Deficit
  • Will you miss Joy Behar? I know. You Never Miss “The View,” as in you never watch it, and you never miss it. No worries. I watch, so you don’t have to. Will bleach blonde, blowup doll/faux “conservative” Elisabeth Hasselbeck also exit stage left? Does anyone care?

White House Dog Bo’s Chief of Staff Makes Six Figures, But They Have to Suspend White House Tours for You, Peasants | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

White House suspends public tours, but first family trips in full swing | Fox News

McCain calls Paul, Cruz, Amash ‘wacko birds’

McCain, Graham blast Rand Paul’s filibuster – CBS News

‘I Don’t Know What’s Happened to John McCain, But I Find This Very Sad’ — Find Out Who Said This and Why | Video | TheBlaze.com

Afghan president lashes out at U.S., straining Hagel visit – latimes.com

Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law captured, turned over to U.S. – Washington Post

Lynne Stewart Gets 28 Months for Aiding Terrorists – Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review Online

Bill Clinton: It’s time to overturn DOMA – The Washington Post

New Details Emerge in Matthew Shepard Murder – ABC News (What you’ve been told for the last 15 years about this case is a politically-motivated lie)

Exploiting Matthew Shepard (The myth v. the reality about this murder. Matthew Sheppard wasn’t killed because he was a homosexual. He was killed in a drug-fueled robbery gone bad.)

Excerpt from NBC News’ Meet the Press (in which Dick Durbin gives a ridiculous explanation to the late Tim Russert for doing a 180 on the issue of abortion)

The Durbin Abortion Papers

Matt Damon and Chris Matthews Discuss Waterboarding Dick Cheney | NewsBusters

Jeb Bush Defends Immigration Flip-Flop, Stays Mum On 2016 Run

Bill Clinton: It’s time to overturn DOMA – The Washington Post


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