When Barry Met Bibi: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 5/22/11

The 2012 campaign got a kick in the pants yesterday when plain spoken dynamo Herman Cain made his formal announcement that is he running for president. Then overnight, Bush proxy/establishment GOP darling Mitch “I can’t debate Obama on foreign policy” Daniels, nursing a banged up head he got from walking into a door, announced that he’s going to stay on the porch. Am I the only one who thinks that possibly after seeing what Mr. Cain had to say about “foreign policy experience” during his barn burner of a speech, Milquetoast Mitch decided to take a powder? And what about Herman Cain’s support for a national sales tax? Can we be confident that it would replace and not just supplement all existing taxes? Did he stumble on the issue of the so-called Palestinian “right of return” this morning on Fox News Sunday? You decide.

It’s really getting crowded under B. Hussein Obama’s bus. As Mr. Cain, along with Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, and yours truly observed, last Thursday, he added the state of Israel to the existing collection of U.S. allies already given an asphalt facial by his administration, causing us to wonder what might happen when he toted his trusty TelePrompTer over to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee this morning. Hear what happened, and how Team Obama managed to avoid what many believed was an inevitable disaster. In addition, I know that you all will shocked to learn that the Dear Reader’s TelePrompTer made him flip flop in front of AIPAC on the critical issue of Israel’s 1967 borders. We’ll unpack that and get your reaction.

Not every liberal is as slippery as the One. Sadly for recently defeated nominee Goodwin Liu, and fortunately for the future of our country, he needs to brush up on his dissembling skills if he wants to pull off the con as well as the guy who appointed him. We should all celebrate that he won’t have the opportunity to impose his view of the Constitution, which parallel Barack’s famous doctrine of “negative rights” leftist clap trap, on us.

We are delighted to welcome again as a special guest that rare combination of gifted writer and dogged investigative journalist, Richard Miniter, author of Losing Bin Laden, Shadow War, Disinformation, and his latest, Mastermind: the Many Faces of 9/11 Architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. This page turner reads like a novel and informs like nobody’s business. For the first time, Mr. Miniter reveals the details of KSM’s first murder plot on American soil. We’ll find out why it was so important to KSM to personally behead Daniel Pearl, and also discuss the role Janet Reno and the ACLU played in helping to fund the legal defense of admitted al Qaeda terrorists. Also, hear about the terrorist schemer’s time in the U.S. attending college as a foreign student. Why would someone who was treated well in the United States repay us by plotting to murder thousands of our citizens? What does he think KSM thinks of the recent developments in the U.S.-Israeli relationship?

I may have found my permanent fill-in host, or a possible presidential candidate. You do not want to miss hearing this man. I haven’t seen a skinny, arrogant punk, by which I mean B. Hussein, slammed like this since the Mexican police smacked Sean Penn in the head with a phone book in movie “The Falcon and the Snowman.”  It’s not Herman Cain. Find our who it is in this week’s “Who Said it?”

I not only watch so you don’t have to. I also listen so you don’t have to, so I’ll share a fascinating (and tax subsidized) NPR report on the subject “Do Women Think?” featuring Nancy Pelosi.


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