When You’ve Lost Jackson Browne, It May Be Time to Panic

Uh oh. Lefty troubadour Jackson Browne tells Politico that he’s not fired up and ready to go:


Browne, who backed Obama in 2008, is feeling disenchanted with the president these days.

“Look, Obama told me in a personal conversation that he wasn’t up for any new [nuclear] plants. Obviously, he changed his mind at some point. But what a surprise that one of his main supporters is the energy company, Exelon — which has nuclear plants — and that he would suddenly change his policy,” Browne said. “I don’t know what we would expect. He’s just as a beholden to the people who put him in office as any of the Republicans would be. But what’s a mystery to me is how he installed pretty much the exact same infrastructure in his administration that deals with finances as the administration that we thought we voted out. That’s really a shocker.”


“Really a shocker?” Only to those like you, Jackson, who bought the laughable B.S. used to sell the public relations creating “Barack Obama,” who may as well have been a hologram, given the difference between the messianic myth and the reality.

What’s got to be even more distressing to Team Obama is Browne’s statement in the Politico story that even though “he remains involved politically” but won’t raise money for any presidential candidate this election cycle.”

The good news for the One and his campaign: they’ve still got Sarah Jessica Parker.


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