Where’s My Safe Space? State Department Bans “Microaggression”

State Department Bans “Microaggression,” which I think means mentioning the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, among other things like saying “Merry Christmas”

State Department


From The Daily Caller:

Following the example set by elite liberal universities, the U.S. State Department has begun cracking down on “microaggressions” in the workplace. According to a newsletter from State Department chief diversity officer John Robinson, employees who commit “microaggressions” may risk violating harassment laws in doing so.…“Microaggressions can be detrimental to employee morale and engagement,” Robinson insisted. “Left unaddressed, microaggressions can over time lead to workplace conflict and eventually affect operations.”

“Severe or pervasive microaggressions based on protected Equal Employment Opportunity categories may rise to the level of harassment under certain circumstances,” Robinson warned.

The State Department website also lists “jokes,” “offensive conduct,” “offensive comments,” and “verbal or physical conduct based on an individual’s race/color” as examples of harassment.

In his letter, Robinson borrows Columbia professor Derald Wing Sue’s definition of “microaggressions,” which Sue defines as “everyday verbal, nonverbal and environmental slights, snubs or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory or negative messages to target persons.”

In his book “Microaggressions In Everyday Life,” Sue claims that saying “Merry Christmas” to a Jewish person is a clear “microaggression.” The Daily Caller reached out to the State Department to clarify whether the agency also considers “Merry Christmas” a microaggression but did not hear back by press time.…The idea of microaggressions has so far been largely confined to left-leaning academia. Liberal universities have generated controversy for seeing to eliminate certain “microaggressive” phrases and ideas from students’ vocabulary. Referring to Americans as “Americans,” saying “the most qualified person should get the job,” or announcing your belief that “America is a land of opportunity” are all common examples of “microaggressions” in academia.

Seriously, Lurch? I guess what Ambassador Stevens, Glenn Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith in Benghazi faced was more like macro aggression, or something.


  1. Wah, wah,wah, Johnny yelled at me. Poor dears. Maybe they also need a time out area.

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