Where’s the Birth Certificate: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 6/5/11

This week we’ll be discussing non-candidate and former VP candidate Gov. Sarah Palin’s overshadowing alleged GOP front runner Mitt Romney’s carefully staged announcement that he is a candidate for president. The few Americans paying attention may have been asking themselves “hasn’t he been running for the last 7 years?” I’m not referring to the viewers who didn’t recognize Mitt Romney at all, and thought they were watching an attractive informercial pitchman, or one of those hologram-like fungible tv news readers doing a standup outside that clambake that Sarah Palin attended. Gov. Palin appeared on one of the Sunday shows today, and, in a performance described by the host as “boffo,” explained just exactly what’s she’s up to. And, in a refreshingly honest assessment, a former Democrat party chairman throws cold water on the mocking taunts by his party regarding the lovely Sarah. He says she can win, and I think he’s right. What say you?

It appears that some haven’t given up on nudging Gov. Chris Christie into the race. Even his statement, that short of committing suicide, which you’ve got to know would be a lot harder now that Jack “Dr. Death” Kevorkian has passed on, hasn’t stopped supporters from clamoring for him to jump in the pool. If he does, he’s going to make a huge splash, in more ways than one. Is the country ready for a full-figured chief executive? Of course, perhaps by following the latest do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do advice from America’s number one self-appointed nutrition and fitness expert, Michelle Obama, Gov. Christie can go from rotund to rangy. I must have missed it. Where do the ice cream, burgers and fries that Michelle enjoys so often fit on “MyPlate?”

As our very special guest, we’ll be bring on Dr. Jerome Corsi, Harvard alum and best-selling author two No. 1 New York Times nonfiction bestsellers, Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry (with co-author John O’Neill) and The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality. His latest blockbuster, Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to Be President, who says that Barack Obama is not eligible to hold the office of U.S. President, even if he was born in Hawaii, a declaration that as he will explain is far from clearly true. He’ll explain why any of this controversy should matter to you, and respond to allegations that he is not only a crank, but a racist one at that.

There he goes again: it seems so long ago since “recovery summer,” doesn’t it? Now, with the dismal economic news, including a decade of home equity down the drain, the doubling the price of a gallon of gasoline since the One ascended to White House, and the recent release of the 9.1% unemployment stats last Friday, President Obama’s Senior Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee is back on the Sunday shows, spinning like a top, in response to the question “Was the stimulus worth it?” Don’t miss the unintentionally hilarious answer to that one.

Plus, a question for the ladies, and a suggestion for you men out there, both inspired by the cringe-inducing Twitter mishap involving leftwing loudmouth, Cong. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).


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