Which Chicago Pol is a Bigger Embarrassment, Obama or Emanuel?

What say you? Here’s the video that Rush has been talking about, in which the Mayor the City of Chicago appeals to the “values” of murderous gangbangers:

Here’s the video of the Leader of the Free World, looking like Eddie Haskell in the principal’s office, trying to explain away his failures by saying that he’s “tried real hard.” Seriously? And speaking of seriously, Barry are you sure that you want voters to “send a message” in November?


  1. They are EQUALLY EMBARRASSING. I am sure they are related because they act and speak with the same clipped and bullying rhetoric and tones. They both want to run our lives, but, I predict Obama will end up throwing Rham under the bus, because Obama is intrinsically more cold and calculating that Rham could ever hope to be.

    • Interesting take Darla. Many think that Rahm is meaner, but I think that’s only because Obama has better PR/packaging, courtesy of his LSM peeps.

  2. Morons, both. I wonder if the Won sent someone out and said “Buy me one of those shirts the people wear in flyover country. And make it neutral colored so I look lighter.” then later “You mean there’s no tie? Is it some kind of golf shirt? How do you wear a shirt with no tie? Do you think I look redneck enough? Maybe there should be a cow in the picture. Michelle!!”

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