White House Calls in Its Political A-Team to Win in Syria Melodrama

Wait–I thought that they were “confident” in their victory in getting Congress to give Obama political cover? From the Wall Street Journal:

In case the White House hasn’t underscored just how high the stakes are for President Barack Obama in seeking congressional authority on military action in Syria, some of his longest-serving former aides were summoned to the West Wing Tuesday to help with the president’s strategy to win support.

David Plouffe, a former White House senior adviser and Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, Robert Gibbs, former White House press secretary,Jon Favreau, Mr. Obama’s former chief speechwriter, and Tommy Vietor, a former National Security Council spokesman,  were seen arriving at the White House around noon.

There’s a real brain trust. Gee, now we can be sure that this adventure isn’t about politics.

Is it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that Barack Obama, who loathes the concept of American exceptionalism, is now using the idea that the world is safer when America stands up to dictators to save his own sorry rear end after he shot off his mouth?


  1. Melodrama is an understatement! At the moment my wife is watching the network news. ABC Channel 7 (the “all Barack channel) is pimping out the “For the Children” mantra. Wait a minute. Just “who” did the gassing? Conflicting reports… A possible “False Flag”…. and a President that is a bigger liar than Clinton! (I never thought that was possible!) Call your Congressman… Boehner’s testicles have turned to “Jello,” so don’t expect any real republican opposition. The way I see it, Obama is taking out the opposition for his Muslim Brotherhood buddies. Israel is in real danger now.

    • Brutus is right. Call and write your congressman. As frequently noted here since last Sunday’s show, this whole routine has NOTHING to do with America’s national security, or the “children.” It’s all about 2014 and Obama’s insatiable thirst for power.

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