White House Propaganda Machine: State of the Union to Be Used to Shill for Syrian Refugees

State of the Union Part of Obama Pitch for Syrian Refugees (NATCH!)

State of the Union

Tonight will be Barack Obama’s last State of the Union speech. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we’re going to have to listen to this insufferable gasbag pontificate, lecture and put on a clinic in delusion, as he celebrates his many “successes.”

In addition to that absurd charade, this dog and pony show tonight has another objective; specifically, to promote the Regime’s false narrative about the thousands of Syrian refugees that Obama and the democrats want to bring here to change the country by changing its demographics.

Exhibit A: Refaai Hamo, the Syrian refugee “scientist,” who will be setting with Moochelle.

Just who is this guy? As I’m sure you are suspecting by now, there’s more to the story than all the happy talk would have you believe. The propaganda machine is in high gear. Here’s an example, granted an opinion piece, dripping with pro-“refugee” sentimentality from Detroit News:

On Day One of his new life in the United States, Refaai Hamo balances his words as if they fill a dainty teacup.

He is “The Scientist,” a man who has touched hearts around the world with the tragedy of his life and his determination to contribute to society, the world around him. He is also a refugee, a word that makes him uncomfortable with its connotations of homelessness and need.

“Refugee” is the word he does not want applied to him. Yet it clings to him, in every media clip, even in the press releases from Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, the organization charged with settling the Hamo family. He’s gained national attention on the website Humans of New York, drawn praise from President Barack Obama and inspired an online fundraising campaign by actor Edward Norton.…

In Turkey, where his family landed with a suitcase and tears, he felt as if he had lost all he fought so hard for.

In Turkey, he said, Syrian doctors, lawyers and other professionals are being left to die slowly, under-employed, unable to contribute to the best of their ability.

He doesn’t want to endure that kind of slow, inner death here.

He intends to learn English. His head is full of ideas he can’t bear to part with quite yet, until he better understands what might be possible in these United States.

For now, he has reason to hope. Obama himself paid tribute to Hamo, after the website Humans of New York featured him as “The Scientist” in a seven-part photo essay that depicted him as what he is, a dignified man, proud and determined. Obama’s public statements, saluting Hamo’s family as “part of what makes America great,” reassured him about the American people.

On Friday, the Lutheran Social Services staff was readying the family for an array of appointments, everything from visiting the Social Security office to undergoing a health screening. Hamo, who loves life and people, is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve citizenship — not as a formality but as a form of engagement with his new country.

Bingo: Lutheran Social Services, one of the infamous “volags” that we’ve written  about here, and talked about on The Teri O’Brien Show, the groups that do very well (as in their execs earn mid to high-six figure salaries, largely funded by taxpayers) by doing “good.”

And, check this out: LSS hired the PR firm run by Lynne Meredith Golodner to promote the story of “The Scientist,” which by the way got started on that Humans of New York project. Here’s a little from her post about her work for LSS:

Did you know, there are 19 million refugees in the world today, and only 4 million of those are from Syria? Refugees are nothing new, and there is nothing new about this fine nation being the world leader in welcoming refugees to move here and begin life anew, in safety.

It is what this country was built on. The Pilgrims and the Puritans were refugees themselves, fleeing to a place where they could safely observe their religion in their own way. It is part of the founding fabric of who we are as Americans. I’ve been honored to learn so much about refugee resettlement by doing the public relations for Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, the state’s largest resettler of refugees and the nation’s fourth largest. (emphasis mine)

So why this story, now?

First, Mr. Refaai Hamo, a.k.a. the Syrian Scientist, is a highly educated successful and intellectual man whose rags-to-riches story is admirable, and enviable. As told through striking photography and concise narrative on Humans of New York, in seven parts, his story wrenches at the hearts of anyone who reads it.

Here is a man who had everything thanks to his hard work and perseverance, who lost everything because of the cruelty of his own government. He could be you. He could be me.

Gets you right here (and I’m touching my heart), doesn’t it?

More about this “scientist” and LSS here from my friend, the magnificent Ann Corcoran.


  1. Empty chair, empty suit. I will have dinner and miss it so I do not have to clean up anything. I would rather look at DWS, just kidding. Gag me!

    T-Gets you right here (and I’m touching my heart), doesn’t it?
    Teri, that’s heartburn. Try a Rolaid. Don’t take more than 3 if you watch the POTUS SOTU! 🙂

    • Thanks Randy. Great minds think alike! The empty suit line is one I thought of this a.m. to use during our weekly comedy hangout. I will have the Rolaids at the ready and try not to overdose. Thx again for your many terrific comments.

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