No White Vaginas Allowed: Ivy League Insanity

For just under 50 Large a year, your child can attend a college that has amazing educational experiences like the following, as reported by The Daily Caller:

At this year’s edition of “The Vagina Monologues” jointly staged by Columbia University and Barnard College, the producers have outlawed the vaginas of white students.

The producers unanimously chose to ban white people and their vaginas from participating in the episodic play because they believe white women have been over-represented in past performances, reports The College Fix. They say white women are over-represented in mainstream feminist discourse as well.

Thank Gaia that someone finally woke up and corrected this racist wrong.

I hope that someone will be recording and broadcasting what will no doubt be a fabulous performance of this very significant event. If not, what an irreplaceable loss to the culture that would be!



  2. Indeed, Samuel. And we’ll feel sorry for you when you run out of imaginary slights to foist on the ignorant. Meanwhile, adults are trying to have a conversation, go back out to the card table in the living room and eat some chips and watch TV.

  3. I wonder if Samuel realizes that the housing bubble that plunged us into the current stinky economy that Obama has presided over and made worse was caused by well-intentioned liberals who wanted to make sure that minorities could buy houses that they couldn’t afford.

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