Who Do Unions Protect? These Guys, That’s Who

As you watch the screeching mobs of union thugs converging on the Michigan state capitol today, keep this story in mind. Remember those Chrysler workers caught smoking dope and drinking on their lunch breaks back in September, 2010? If not, here’s the story, presented for your viewing pleasure, from Detroit tv station WJBK

Now, an arbitrator has forced Chrysler to give these losers their jobs back. From Mediaite:

In 2010, the American automobile manufacturer Chrysler released several of its employes for negligent behavior after they were caught on camera drinking and possibly smoking marijuana during their lunch break. After many months of a union-backed arbitration process, however, Chrylser was forced to rehire the workers.

Unions give cover to the mediocre, and in this case worthless, employees that the excellent don’t need. No wonder they’ve required government coercion to extort money from the latter group of workers. Why should outstanding employees pay protection money to the union when they aren’t going to get high and/or drunk on their breaks? The answer is obvious, and also obvious is the reason that the opponents of Freedom to Work laws, which don’t prevent anyone from joining a union, are so enraged when these laws pass.

One thing that’s a tad confusion, though. I thought liberals were “pro choice?”

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