Who Do You Trust to Tell You The Truth About Welfare’s Work Requirement?

When they weren’t trying to stoke the flames of outrage over Rep. Todd Akin’s unfortunate remarks about “legitimate rape,” democrats have been denouncing the “false” claim that last month, Barack Obama illegally gutted the work requirement enacted by Congress in 1996.

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the enactment of the law, Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, the man who wrote the “welfare reform” that Bill Clinton was eventually forced to sign, described the “dirty trick” that the current occupant of the Oval Office used to remove the work requirement by executive fiat.

Who are you going to believe on this issue, B. Hussein Obama and his stenographers in the Lame Stream Media, or Mr. Rector? The answer should be obvious.

I have a question for Obama supporters. After Paul Ryan began discussing Obama’s $716 billion raid on Medicare, democrats lamely responded that Republicans couldn’t be trusted to protect Medicare because they have never supported it. Using that reasoning, and knowing that like all radical leftists Barack Obama opposed the work requirement in 1996, can he be trusted to impose strict work requirements as part of grants of “flexibility” to states?

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