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Cairo the War Dog, one of America’s heroic dogs of war (H/T Muskegon Pundit)

Ever the demagogue, Barack Obama crisscrosses the country, continuing to campaign, despite winning last month’s presidential election. Polls show that 60% of Americans support raising taxes on “the rich,” and he’s determined to keep stoking the fires of class envy to maintain the political advantage that he sees awaiting him after we “plunge” off the “fiscal cliff.” By doing so, he’s hoping to start off his second term making it clear that that’s “not going to play that game that I will play,” the “game” being abiding by the Constitution and allowing Congress to control the debt ceiling. Predictably, here we have the breathtaking arrogance and lawlessness that he demonstrated in his first term, now on steroids. Yet, one prominent, even legendary, member of the Jurassic media says that if there is a recession, Barack Obama will own it. Who is he, and is he right?

Just who are these people who want to funnel more cash down the Washington rathole? There are three groups, and maybe you’re part of one of them. There’s the no-information cohort. This group spends most of its time sitting on their couches, watching “Cheaters” and “The View,” eating Cheetos, and trying to dream up some sort of lawsuit to take advantage of the promised gravy train in the ads that the ambulance chasers run on those shows. They want to stick it to those rich bastards that have been keeping them down, although I don’t think they’ve thought through exactly how taking the fruits of one person’s labor helps them. Then there’s another type of grifter, those who believe that they are going to be on the receiving end of what the government steals from the productive to get their votes. Think food stamps, Obama phones, and also Solyndra and public employee unions. Finally, there’s the group for which we coined the phrase over two years ago, the low information voters, who don’t realize that, yet again, Barack Obama is running a con on them again. Would these people really endorse taking more of what hard-working Americans earn if they realize it was not going to be used to pay down the debt, but rather for more and more spending? Do they really want their children and grandchildren living in the equivalent of today’s Greece?

“Below the Radar” file: In another example of Obama continuing his old ways, he has nominated a benefactor of a domestic terrorist to a Treasury department position. He can’t get enough of people who like to blow stuff up and the people who enable them!

The state that foisted Obama on America, Illinois, went over its own “fiscal cliff” a long time ago, which should have been a bit of a red flag to the rest of the country in 2008 (see above re Low and no Information voters). In the grand tradition of the sleazy, greedy, irresponsible tools that inhabit Springfield, rather than deal with that mess, they turned their attention to a much more pressing need, giving drivers’ licenses to illegals, with the wiling assistance of Republicans. William J. Kelly, of the Kelly Truth Squad, will join us to talk about that.

“I watch so you don’t have to file:” Speaking of sleazy Illinois pols, Dick Durbin, we saw you on “Meet the Press” today, and I have a suggestion. Please get on the blower and call ABC’s Diane Sawyer. You need a fake sincerity coach, and you need one now!

Last week, as Bashar Assad’s regime continues his violent repression that has already murdered thousands of his own people, Barack Obama says using the chemical weapons that Syria got from the One’s pal Putin, is “unacceptable.” I guess that means we can conclude that the 21-month long, on-going slaughter is acceptable. If we’re really lucky, under B. Hussein’s able leadership, Syria will become the next Somalia.

Friday afternoon, the Supreme Court took up two cases involving so-called “same sex marriage.” Will one of these cases be the third in the series Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade? What does the ascendency of “gay marriage” mean, and why the sudden change in the public’s attitude toward this bizarre institution? I know the answer, and I’ll share it.

One thing liberals and conservatives can agree on: we love our pets. There is no more loyal, dependable and useful to mankind than Canis lupus familiaris, aka “man’s best friend,” the dog. The author of Dogs of War, Kathleen Kinsolving, will join us to tell us about the special role 4 famous dogs played in keeping America safe and free.


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