Whoa: Hillary’s Libya “Woes” Interrupt Vacation

Don’t you hate it when those annoying work responsibilities interrupt your vacation? Hillary does.

As you well know, Hillary Clinton was an enthusiastic cheerleader for the ouster of Mohammar Gaddafi, who, while a complete wackjob, straightened out after Reagan bombed his compound and was actually an ally to West in the fight against terrorism. Thanks to Hillary’s brilliant foreign policy judgment, here’s where we are:

Four brave Americans, including the first ambassador killed while on duty since 1979, were murdered by jihadists in Benghazi

And Libya is now a terrorist hotbed. From the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times story “U.S. Scrambles to Contain Growing ISIS Threat in Libya”:

THIES, Senegal — The Islamic State’s branch in Libya is deepening its reach across a wide area of Africa, attracting new recruits from countries like Senegal that had been largely immune to the jihadist propaganda — and forcing the African authorities and their Western allies to increase efforts to combat the fast-moving threat.

The American airstrikes in northwestern Libya on Friday, which demolished an Islamic State training camp and were aimed at a top Tunisian operative, underscore the problem, Western officials said. The more than three dozen suspected Islamic State fighters killed in the bombing were recruited from Tunisia and other African countries, officials said, and were believed to be rehearsing an attack against Western targets.

Even as American intelligence agencies say the number of Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria has dropped to about 25,000 from a high of about 31,500, partly because of the United States-led air campaign there, the group’s ranks in Libya have roughly doubled in the same period, to about 6,500 fighters. More than a dozen American and allied officials spoke of their growing concern about the militant organization’s expanding reach from Libya and across Africa on rules of anonymity because the discussions involved intelligence and military planning.

Islamic State leaders in Syria are telling recruits traveling north from West African nations like Senegal and Chad, as well as others streaming up through Sudan in eastern Africa, not to press on to the Middle East. Instead, they are being told to stay put in Libya. American intelligence officials, who described the recent orders from Islamic State leaders, say the organization’s immediate goal is to carve out a new caliphate in Libya, and there are signs the affiliate is trying to establish statelike institutions there.

“Libya has become a magnet for individuals not only inside of Libya, but from the African continent as well as from outside,” John O. Brennan, the director of the C.I.A., told a Senate panel this month.

Congratulations, Hillary! Maybe you can become an honorary member of ISIS for this fine work.

So, now we learn that just about 13 months before the Benghazi disaster, Hillary objected to interrupting her vacation to deal with the situation there.

Hillary Clinton was not pleased that her Aug. 2011 Hamptons vacation was to be interrupted by a trip to Paris to discuss efforts to help Libya’s transitional government, emails released by the State Department on Friday show. From The Daily Caller:

“Oh, woe,” Clinton lamented in an Aug. 22, 2011 email to Huma Abedin, her longtime aide. “If I have to, I will fly at night, go to mtg and fly right back — to and from Long Island. Can our plane land and takeoff from W’Hampton?” …

Clinton and former President Bill Clinton were scheduled to spend the week at the 12,000 square foot East Hampton mansion of New York City real estate developer Elie Hirschfield.

The meeting in question was no minor affair. According to a statement at the time by State Departments spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, the event was a gathering of the Contact Group on Libya, a group of western nations and members of the Arab League that was created to help the Libyan National Transitional Council.

Gee, haven’t we had enough with a president, as in the last 7+ years, of a lazy slacker who is obsessed with luxury vacations, celebrity soirèes, and generally goofing off instead of doing hard work?

If you were hiring a new employee, and the first thing an interviewee asked you was about how many vacation days he would get, I suspect that the interview would end right there. Interviewing a potential president should work the same way.

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