Whoops: DHS Granted Citizenship to Hundreds of Illegals from Terrorist Countries

Last Wednesday, the Obama Regime announced its plans for increasing the number of “refugees” to admit to the U.S. for Fiscal 2017 to 110,000. Remind me again about how DHS is going to vet all those “refugees” from jihadist hotbeds?

You won’t see this story on the pretend news.


From The Washington Times:

Hundreds of illegal immigrants from terrorist hotbeds who were supposed to have been deported were instead granted citizenship because Homeland Security didn’t have fingerprints on file to check their identity, the department’s inspector general said in a stunning new report Monday.

At least two of those approved are now being investigated by the FBI for links to terrorism, investigators said.

But in most cases, Homeland Security and federal prosecutors have let the illegal immigrants-turned-citizens get away with their potential fraud. Charges were brought in just 2 of the more than 800 cases identified.

One of the persons granted citizenship through the error-riddled process is now a law enforcement officer, and three others worked in security-sensitive fields — including two who worked in sensitive areas at airports.

“USCIS granted U.S. citizenship to at least 858 individuals ordered deported or removed under another identity when, during the naturalization process, their digital fingerprint records were not in the DHS digital fingerprint repository,” the inspector general said.

The problem, according to the audit, is tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and criminal aliens whose files are so old that their fingerprints are still on paper cards.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that approves applications, wasn’t checking those paper-based files, so it didn’t know the aliens were ineligible or had been ordered kicked out of the country already.

It’s not just this 858. Those are the ones we know about so far.

The inspector general said some fingerprints have been digitized, but it identified 148,000 aliens who have been ordered deported but whose fingerprints are not in the IDENT system the department uses for its fingerprint checks. (emphasis mine)

Hillary Clinton will continue Obama’s reckless, and politically-motivated, “remaking” of America with open borders and the importation of the Third World. Is that really what the American people want?


  1. The very thing we the deplorable have been warning for months now would occur by importing these so called refugees has actually happened. Imagine that. Why do I have the feeling that this revelation is but the tip of the iceberg?

  2. I have just read that DHS is now acknowledging that the number of questionable immigrants “accidentally” granted citizenship is now at 1800 and counting. That didn’t take long. The visible portion of the iceberg has just more than doubled in size.


  3. Of course, Tim, we knew that was just like the TV news; that is, pretend.

  4. Thanks for the RT! I really appreciate that!

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