Why Barack Obama Doesn’t Throw Holder Under the Bus

On Wednesday, when Obama asserted executive privilege to protect Eric Holder from having to answer questions about a dead Border agent’s blood on his hands as a result of a program that he said didn’t exist until he said it was something started by that evil George W. Bush, some people were scratching their heads asking why Barack Obama, who isn’t exactly setting records in the approval department, would insinuate himself into this mess. After all, until he took this action, his Lame Stream Media buds were able to pretend that Fast and Furious was just a “political witch hunt,” a baseless smear, and a trumped up political distraction. Then they grudgingly had to cover it, by which I mean mention it for ten seconds. Why not just throw Ferret Face under the bus? I’m sure there’s still a little room under there. There are several reasons the One has decided to stand behind his man. I present them in descending order of plausibility.

(1) Look at me! I’m not Jimmy Carter. I’m Harry Truman!

Since I watch so you don’t have to, I am the canary in the coal mine when it comes to detecting the latest leftist memes, and the mantras that they will soon be endlessly reciting in front of every available microphone. (You don’t expect these zombies to actually think, do you?) You might think the Obama administration’s decision to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in by stonewalling and trying to cover up wrongdoing with phony assertions of executive privilege might be considered a bad thing less than five months before a presidential election. Not so fast, my bitter-clinging friend! It’s actually a brilliant political move. That’s what I learned the last few days from watching on MS-NBC, where the consensus is that our Dear Reader, crafty genius that he is, wanted to pick a fight with Congress because they are so unpopular. He can hang them around Mitt Romney’s filthy rich, out of touch neck, and, presto, second term! Can you say “whistling in the graveyard?”

(2) Blood, I’ve Got Your Back

OK, so Theory 1 isn’t too convincing. What do you expect from something promulgated on a televised insane asylum? I’m not buying that reason. Here’s something that I think makes more sense. The first “African-American” president isn’t going to fire the first African-American Attorney General, particular one that shares his racialist point of view. There’s no doubt that Eric Holder would have been just as comfortable listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist screeching as Michelle and Barack Obama were. He shares the risible position that he, the Obamas and all the other affirmative-action assisted elite are victims in racist Amerika, and Barack is no race traitor!

(3) The Real Reason. Think New Black Panther Party

Despite what you hear from Jurassic media shills, Barry’s re-election prospects are dim. I think he’s going to be beaten like a drum in November. Even if the boys at re-elect in Chicago don’t agree, they know that November’s election will be the second time in his political career that Barack Obama will actually face any opposition. They know what happened the first time. He lost to this guy.

This is the only real opposition Obama has ever had, and he beat him.

Eric Holder is the guy in charge of obstructing the efforts by states, especially so-called “swing” states, to purge their voter rolls of dead people, illegals, and dogs (and even dead dogs). On that afore-mentioned nuthouse, they endlessly state that vote fraud doesn’t exist. That would come as a surprise to Lee County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington, who has found 96 illegal voters on her county’s roles so far.

Curiously, half of the non-citizens illegally registered to vote in Florida come from a single county, and it’s not the one containing Miami.  It’s Lee County, which is on the opposite coast.  This isn’t necessarily because a disproportionately large population of illegal voters lives in the county; it’s because Lee County has been particularly diligent at rooting them out.  The task of cleaning up voter registrations was farmed out to each individual Florida county, which proceeds as it sees fit.

Lee County Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington has been particularly effective at spotting illegal voters, and it seems she did not entirely rely upon the state’s list of questionable names – prepared without access to the most up-to-date data from the Department of Homeland Security, which withheld its database from Florida, in violation of clear federal law.

According to the Naples Daily News, Harrington took the initiative and compared a list of the people who asked to be excused from jury duty, because they were not U.S. citizens, with the county voter rolls.  She found that “nearly half of those potential jurors who said they weren’t citizens were listed in her files as being eligible to vote.”  She has actually discovered some ineligible voters beyond the list of 2600 names prepared by the Florida Department of State.

Let me restate that, for the benefit of the anti-patriotic charlatans and political hacks who keep trying to protect the voter fraud racket in America, or lie through their teeth by portraying it as some kind of racist assault on minority voters.  This county supervisor merely took a list of dismissed jurors, who openly stated they were not citizens, in writing, under oath, and discovered half of them were also illegally registered to vote.


That’s exactly the sort of thing that Eric Holder is assigned to prevent, and that’s why Obama wants to keep him right where he is.

(4) Eric Holder Aside, He’s Hiding Something

I’m not buying that he’s using executive privilege to stall answering questions until after the election. What are they hiding? As I noted here, when we see how the liberals operate behind closed doors, the difference between their carefully-crafted, touchy-feely, smily faced images and the hideous, racist, vindictive, vicious, power-obsessed reality is stunning. Recall the memos uncovered about they planned to filibuster Pres. George W. Bush’s judicial nominees.

Now that B. Hussein has taken ownership of Fast and Furious, he probably couldn’t fire Holder even if wanted to. He doesn’t want to.


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  1. Man, I’d like to see those pictures Holder has of Obama. Whatever Obama is doing in the picturs, it’s gotta be bad to keep him from throwing Holder under the bus.

  2. Would Adolph Hitler have thrown Joseph Gobbels under the bus, or. would Al Capone have thrown his main ‘enforcer’ under the bus? Of course not! The executive privilege gimmick is the last thread Barry has to make it look like the Government had a top secret mysterious but legitimate plan that simply didn’t work out and resulted in agent Brian Terry’s death. Eric Holder knows Barry is not eligible to be president. So, can Barry risk ticking Holder off who might all too subtly say something about Barry not really being eligible? Of course he can’t! Holder has much on Obama and they both know it.

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