Why Do You Think They Call It Dope: Gov. Gary Johnson “What is Aleppo?”

“What is Aleppo?” You can’t make this stuff up. This morning, Gov. Gary Johnson, faux libertarian, candidate demonstrates his amazing knowledge of foreign policy on “Morning Joe.”

And, this display of stunning ignorance is particularly galling when you consider that Gov. Johnson, sounding like a liberal talking about taxes, is on the record as saying that the United States has an obligation to take our “fair share” of Syrian refugees without specifying a number.

Also notice that he says we need to “join hands with Russia” to solve the problems in Syria. Seriously? Does he really think Russia has any interest in solving the problem? Assad is his client, his pal. So, not only doesn’t Gov. Johnson know the geography, he really doesn’t understand the players or the issue at all.

The reason that I call him a “faux libertarian” is for his many statements of support for positions that are not the least bit libertarian. As you heard on last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, he freaks out when anyone uses the accurate characterization “illegal immigrant,” demanding the people use the term “undocumented” because the accurate term is “incendiary.” Appeasing leftist speech police, pandering to those who demand we all adopt their politically-correct pap, and self-censoring ourselves to avoid speaking the truth is not libertarian.

He supports government-mandated vaccination, and whether you agree with that or not, it’s not libertarian.

He flip flopped on climate change, first saying he supported it, then when someone who wasn’t high pointed out that supporting a big government bureaucracy and the imposition of huge taxes is not exactly libertarian, said he didn’t.

Despite his frequent chest pounding about balancing the budget while he was governor, he was a fiscal disaster for New Mexico. “Johnson inherited a debt of $1.8 billion and left a debt of $4.6 billion.” (Read the whole piece “Never Gary Johnson’: He’s Not Conservative and Not Even All That Libertarian.”)

He has endorsed the Marxist, George Soros supported “Black Lives Matter” fraud, which is perfect because he is also a fraud. And, as we see here, he is also an imbecile.

If you cannot bring yourself to vote for Donald Trump, either for principled reasons or for silly, ego-driven (yes, I’m looking at you Erick “more chins than a Chinese phonebook” Erickson), or financial reasons (Bill Kristol, et.al), that is between you and God, but at least don’t kid yourself that if you vote for this clown you are voting for an actual libertarian.



  1. I’m more than a little embarrassed to admit that I once drank the Libertarian Kool-Aid. During the 1992 election I was not under any circumstances going to vote for Bill Clinton or for the unhinged whack-job Ross Perot. I was quite dissatisfied with four years of George H.W. Bush in general and the whole “read my lips, no new taxes” fiasco in particular and did not feel that I could in good conscience cast a vote to re-elect him. So I cast a vote for the Libertarian candidate (who was such a thrilling and dynamic candidate that I could not remember his name and had to look it up today, one Andre Marrou, who garnered a whopping .28% of the popular vote), smug in my confidence that I was expressing a principled opposition to the status quo with my vote. By the end of the day Bill Clinton had won the election and with the taste of ashes in my mouth I quickly came to the realization that I had indeed wasted my vote and had helped to elect the candidate that I most opposed. I will never make that mistake again. Mr. Trump was not my first choice when this election cycle began, but now he is my only choice. A choice I will be making with no hesitation. I have no wish to see another Clinton in the White House.

    • I am proud to say that I never voted for a libertarian, not that I wasn’t tempted, for the reasons that you state. I don’t know if Mr. Marrou, unlike Gary Johnson, is (or was) an actual libertarian. Even if their party’s candidate was the genuine article, I can’t support Libertarianism because it is incompatible with the realities of modern America; that is, there are two things that make libertarianism an ideology that, if implemented, would accelerate the demise of this country. Those are a welfare state and open borders. The latter is something that most libertarians support, and which would work hand-in-hand with the former to destroy America. Obama has been working on making that happen using both. If we didn’t have a welfare state, it would be fine to say “OK, Dude, you want to be a heroin addict? It’s your body. It’s nobody’s business.” The problem is that we aren’t going to allow people to live with the consequences of their bad choices. The rest of us will end up supporting all these drug addicts/users, illegitimate children, dropouts, and slackers. But I understand the protest vote, and it’s a sign of high intelligence that you learned from the experience, and a sign of a healthy mental state, not a person afflicted with ego issues, that you are prepared to vote for Trump, warts and all, not needing to wear your brilliance on your sleeve by showing you are too smart and have WAY too much principle to vote for a vulgarian like him.

      • At first glance I found Libertarianism an attractive alternative that seemed on the surface compatible with my conservative beliefs. While conducting a post-election post-mortem trying to determine why the Libertarians fared so poorly I dug much deeper and found that it was riddled with contradictions and unrealistic expectations. Knowing what I know now about it I’m surprised that they did as well as they did in 1992. Their performance in every election since then has been just as lackluster and unimpressive. I see no reason why things will be any different in the upcoming election.

        • I agree with you, Robert. Libertarianism sounds great, unless you live in the real world, especially in the reality of modern America with its welfare state and bloated federal government. I also can see the appeal, though.

  2. Of course, he could have always reminded everyone that Obama said there are 57 states, and it didn’t seem to hurt him.

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