Why Hasn’t State Department Revoked Passports of U.S. Citizens Who Return from Fighting for ISIS?

Why Hasn’t State Department Revoked Passports of U.S. Citizens Who Return from Fighting for ISIS?


As we watched four Islamic maniacs hold an entire country and the international media, it’s worth noting last month’s testimony before the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee. At this hearing, held December Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) asked Ambassador Robert Bradtke a very interesting, and in light of the events in Paris, probably existential:

“Has the State Department cancelled the passports of any U.S. citizens who have joined any terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq?”

Good question, isn’t it? You’re not going to like the answer, though.

“To my knowledge, the State Department has not cancelled any passports,” responded Bradtke, a senior adviser with the State Department’s Bureau of Counterterrorism who was called out of retirement to focus on foreign fighters.

“As Secretary Kerry said, he does have the authority to revoke passports. And this is something we would only do in relatively rare and unique circumstances because of the importance for average Americans (to) have the freedom to travel,” Bradtke said.

“We would only do it also in consultations with law enforcement authorities. And we have not yet had any requests from law enforcement authorities to cancel the passports of ISIS or foreign fighters. So again, we have the authority; it is one tool; we do have other tools to use as well in this regard.”

The CNS News article, by Susan Jones, goes on to quote Thomas Warrick, a deputy assistant secretary for counter-terrorism policy at the Department of Homeland Security. He puts a lot of faith in the no-fly list preventing any really bad actors from getting back into the country, but admits

“Well, they wouldn’t be able to fly here,” he said. “The no-fly list obviously doesn’t apply to other modes of transportation. However, I can assure you that there are equal or equivalent measures in place so that somebody on the no-fly list is almost certainly not going to be allowed entry into the United States, if they come by cruise ship or if they fly to Canada, for example…and they were to try, let’s say, to come across the U.S.-Canadian border.”

He made no mention of what we laughingly call the U.S.-Mexican border.

Feeling safe, knowing that “al Qaeda is on the run?” Me either.

Are we in store for more  Fort Hoods, Vaughn Foods, and similar “workplace violence?”

More Boston bombings?

As I write this post, the braying, jug-eared jackass who masquerades the the Leader of the Free World, B. Hussein Obama, is on his way to Tennessee, to talk about giving more free stuff to whiny, spoiled brats. This dangerous and delusional disgrace continues to walk around in his dream world, where reading something from a TelePrompTer makes it so, no matter how disconnected it is from reality.


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