Why I Can’t Support Ron Paul, and You Shouldn’t Either. The Teri O’Brien Show, 5/29/11

1st Hour

Happy Memorial Day!

It’s a perfect day to recall Obama’s cringe-inducing “corpsman” remark.

Why I Can’t Support Ron Paul, and Why You Shouldn’t Either

Gwyneth Paltrow raps. Is this putrid celebrity culture really what our troops fought and died for?

Is Lady Gaga a Madonna impersonator or a Cher impersonator? Of just a slut? Can I still say that?

Her favorite democrat is Anthony Weiner, and she whines about waking up every day with large breasts. Sorry, Congressman, Meghan McCain is on a hiatus from dating, that’s Sarah Palin’s fault.

2nd hour

Pity poor Michelle Obama! Sure, you bitter clingers obsess about her vacations, her glamorous wardrobe and her celebrity White House parties, but you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve sat in her makeup chair. Now we learn that she can’t keep her staff members from leaving. It’s tough to understand why Her Highness needs a staff of a couple dozen functionaries. Couldn’t she get by with Orbitz and a few Partymates? That aside, why are her staffers fleeing like hotel maids from DSK? Given some of her statements, you might have the impression that Mooch, a race-obsessed caldron of seething rage and grievance, might be a challenging employer, but that’s not it at all. As Politico explains, it’s just the tremendous pressure she and her staff are under. One professor explains the reason for that pressure, a theory she shares with Chris Matthews, so you just know it has to be spot on! The one who needs to go is the full-time makeup artist, that makes her look like refugee from the Baton Club.

The Critiquelator recalls and reminds us of the sacrifice some of his comrades in arms from Viet Nam. God rest their souls.

ABC’s Christiane Amanpour tries to help befuddled recent college grads figure out why, even with their expensive degrees, they can’t find jobs. One Howard grad proves that he learned his lessons about evil racist Amerika well, the same ones that Michelle Obama learned at Princeton, leading her to write that semi-literate thesis. Does it make sense to throw thousands down the college rathole anymore?

Ms. Amanpour interviews GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, and asks “define doofus.” Doesn’t she have a mirror handy?

SL Vince posits a theory on “Weinergate,” another story that you heard here on the Teri O’Brien Show before you heard anywhere else.

Self-described former “brain dead liberal” David Mamet reveals that he has stopped fighting mental health and embraced common sense. Marvelous! I’ve always told you guys that liberals could be detoxed!

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