Why I Voted for Newt in Today’s Illinois Primary

Yesterday at Bradley University, a Mitt Romney showed up that we don’t see often enough. As you can see in today’s “Post of the Day,” this guy was not the one who genially refers to Barack Obama as a “nice guy” who is “in over his head.” When a heckler started sarcastically suggesting that if Mitt is really all about “freedom,” he’d give her free birth control, this Mitt was ready to open a can of whup ass on not only her, but also the One. This Mitt is a guy I could enthusiastically support, and more important, a guy who can beat Barack Obama like one of those drums those Occupy misfits like to haul around.

So that’s the question: can Mitt win? In response to that question, SL(Smart Listener) Ron wrote:

Yes I believe Mitt can win IF he doesn’t become too damaged by those in his own party! Defeating the incumbent won’t be an easy task when half the population are getting freebies & pay no tax. Couple this with the Dem’s expertise in vote fraud, it’s definitely an uphill battle.

It will be all the more tough if the campaign against Obama can’t begin in earnest until Sept.

Mitt has some quirks & shortcomings but none that would stop him from successfully undoing some of Obama’s follies & putting the country back on track…domestically & national defense. He’s an astute guy with good experience under his belt.

I see things a little differently. I think that this continuing primary battle makes it more likely that we see more of Mighty Mitt, the guy who will finally start to take it to Obama over the one issue that counts for all the marbles, which happens to be the Dear Reader’s signature “achievement,” the Orwellian titled “Affordable Care Act,” and less of Milquetoast Mitt, the mushy, Massachusetts moderate.

As Bill Kristol points out in this piece, “It’s the Obamacare, Stupid,” the American people instinctively understand that unless we repeal this legislative monstrosity, the country we grew up in his history.
In Obama’s view, taking over health care and giving federal bureaucrats the power of life and death over every American (and lots of illegals) was an essential predicate to “remaking” this unfair, racist nation. If Mitt can demonstrate that he appreciates that fact, and that he’s willing to fight to stop it, he will win, and win big. If he doesn’t get it, and campaigns as if the election is about simple policy differences, he’ll be McCain 2.0.

So, I voted for Newt because he best articulates conservative principles, and having him in the race will not only keep those principles front and center, it will help keep Mitt on the straight and narrow.


  1. Hi Teri,

    I don’t think he’ll make it but I agree that Newt would not only mop the floor with Obama in a debate but Newt would bring back the Reagan conservatism.

  2. Call me silly & naive, but I believe Mitt can uphold & practice conservative values okay on his own. I think he can also do an adequate job in taking it to the president, including health care.

    Both were evidenced in his victory speech this evening, a sample of how he can and I believe will continue to beat those drums Teri referred to previously.

    So hopeully Newt & his Stepford wife will soon trade the campaign trail for another cruise.

    No use hoping Santorum will soon stay home based on his prolonged, rambling speech this evening. You gotta wonder what his next self-inflicted blunder will be.

    Bil Kristol is 100% correct when he says that unless Obamacare is repealed, the country we grew up in is history. There’s some equally important things at stake, not the least of which is national defense and protecting the Supreme Court from being infested by radicals like Erik Holder.

    The sooner all Republicans, and hopefully a few moderate Dems, unite behind our presumed candidate, the sooner he’ll be able to focus on defeating the incumbent. I’m counting on him for the sake of my grandkids!

  3. Joseph W. Sbarboro

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  4. Yes, and having him in this primary race keeps his articulate voice, and those important conservative ideas in the mix.

  5. Ron L,
    If the “Good” Mitt I mention in this post shows up for most of the campaign, then he has a terrific chance to win. If the Milquetoast Mitt aka McCain 2.0 is the guy we’re pinning our hopes on, then the country we grew up in is history. Margaret Thatcher said that the reason she couldn’t do what Reagan was able to do, in terms of rolling back socialism, was that the government had taken over health care.

    That’s why it was so critical for him to ram his hideous health care bill down our throats, and why he was willing to forego any other legislation while he had both houses of Congress. It is the keystone of his grand plan to “remake” America(aka turn our country into a Euro-style socialist nation), and also redress our evil racist past by making sure that no one with “white skin privilege” has better care than a guy with 4 or 5 “baby mommas” on Medicaid. If that guy, who has not job, or no desire for one, has kids on Medicaid, eveyrone’s kids, even those who work 60 hours a week to provide for their families, have to be on Medicaid.

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