Why No Mention of Gov. Mitch Daniels “Unconventional” Marriage?

As establishment Republicans, horrified at the prospect of Newt Gingrich winning the Florida primary, wring their hands, and call their doctors for refills on their Xanax scripts, speculation continues about a moderate white knight riding to their rescue. Tonight, the rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union speech will be delivered by Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, one of the afore-mentioned establishment’s dream dates. On last Sunday’s show, I asked our guest John Hawkins of Right Wing News whether Gov. Daniel’s selection to deliver this speech signaled the elites plan to foist him on us as our nominee. I think they may be plotting that, even if at this point they aren’t sure how they will pull it off.

Interestingly, as these Rockefeller Republicans swoon over Mitch Daniels, and perhaps because they are experiencing a bit of Chris Matthews Thrill-Up-Leg Syndrome, they have paid little, actually no, attention to Gov. Daniels’ bizarre marital history. Neither has the Lame Stream Media. Of course, if Gov. Daniels were to enter the presidential race, suddenly, the LSM would be featuring Mitch Daniels in a new series “Alternative Lifestyles of the Republican Presidential Candidates.”

Granted Newt Gingrich has admitted to a, shall we say, colorful personal life, in which he did things for which he is ashamed, but arguably his behavior, albeit wrong and morally reprehensible, is not as bizarre as that of Governor and Mrs. Daniels on-again-off-again marriage. 

I’m not suggesting that there should be a huge focus on Gov. Daniels’ personal life, any more than there should be on Newt’s. Still, I find it the contrast between the obsessive, incessant coverage of Newt’s marital woes and the black out on Mr. Daniels’ situation interesting. What say you?

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