Why Romney Will Win in a Landslide: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 11/4/12

Our friends in the Lame Steam Media are trying to convince themselves that Barack Obama’s “presidential” handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, along with the effusive praise he received from Gov. Chris Christie, will push him over the finish line on Tuesday. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that images of the One playing dress-up in a bomber jacket, and hugging a couple of storm victims before jetting off to another screech fest of silly slogans, are sufficient to cause the American public to ignore images of people in Manhattan dumpster diving, not to mention his demonstrable and pathetic performance on the issue of the economy. Unemployment is higher today than when he took office. How can this be? All Obama mouthpieces on the Sunday shows claim that they have created 5.5 million jobs, but just how many jobs have been created during Barack Obama’s tenure in office? (Hint: a lot fewer than David Plouffe, David Axelrod, and Barack Obama are telling you.)

The two biggest battleground prizes are Ohio and Florida. We’ll be joined today by experts on the ground in both of these states to help us figure out what to make of the dizzying array of polls. Jacob Larger, a contributor to one of the leading political blogs in the Buckeye State, Third Base Politics, and Sarah Rumpf, self-described over caffeinated lawyer and the publisher of Sunshine State Sarah. I want to ask her whether democrats are planting fake bombs in Winter Park, FL. I’ll ask them both if they agree with me that all the clichès repeated endlessly today by the talking heads about the presidential race being “so close,” even “tied,” so that we are in for a “late night” are not true. I plan to be sipping champagne by 11 pm Central because I’m convinced that Gov. Romney will win both Ohio, Florida, and probably Pennsylvania. Am I engaging in wishful thinking? Perhaps I’m not being optimistic enough. Is it possible that even bluer than blue Illinois could turn red? Chicago journalist/blogger Marathon Pundit will weigh in on that, and tell us about the invitation he got from the Obama campaign to attend and “election night” (not “victory”) party.

Regardless of who gets its 20 electoral votes, Barack Obama’s home state Illinois is Exhibit A for those who want to see the results of liberal democrat, big government, tax-and-spend policies. For the last three decades, Illinois has been controlled by Mike Madigan, who has been Speaker of the House for 27 of the last 29 years, and who is also Chairman of the Illinois democrat party. Any hope of changing things in this state starts with changing the people in Springfield, and not electing any more foot soldiers for Mike Madigan’s army. Dr. Barbara Bellar, candidate for the Illinois State Senate, is one courageous citizen who hopes to do that. She’ll join us to respond to her opponent’s recent accusations that she has inflated her resume, and explain what a lawsuit over strip searches in the Cook County Sheriff’s Office filed in 2007 has to do with her opponent’s qualification for office.

Not only are Barack Obama’s policies are failure at home. Nearly 2 months ago, Ambassador Stevens and 3 other brave Americans were murdered in Benghazi, and we still don’t have the answers to at least two critical questions: (1) what did the president know and (2) when did he know it? Will this issue have any impact on Tuesday’s election?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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