Will Anyone Notice? Pro-Abortion Texas Feminists Threaten Men with Sex Strike

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One thing that has always struck me as a tad ironic is the obsession that so many feminists have with ensuring that there are as few legal restrictions on abortion as possible. Seriously? Have you seen most of these chunky frumps, sporting hair styles that look like they were created in a mental institution’s barber shop, stomping around in their sensible footwear, and stridently bellowing in a charming baritone that they aren’t going to put up with any man trying to tell them what to do? Bella Abzug Betty Friedan Andrea Dworkin feministsWith the possible exception of a bizarre accident involving a loaded turkey baster, what possibility do any of these Napolitanos have of becoming pregnant? Some of them, like Rachel Maddow, who regularly rails against attempts to protect unborn children and, not incidentally, women’s health, are open and “proud” lesbians.

Why is this lesbian obsessed with making sure there are no regulations on abortion?

Why is this lesbian obsessed with making sure there are no regulations on abortion?

Yet they react violently at any attempt to restrict this “procedure” that is so beautiful and wonderful that many of them won’t even say the word.

You’ve probably heard of the pro-abort group NARAL Pro-Choice America. That’s the fourth name that they’ve tried. After three iterations, in 2003, they realized that they needed to rebrand themselves again and completely excise that icky “a” word from their name. I understand the thinking behind that. In order for people to embrace the idea of abortion, it’s best that they not actually know what they are supporting. Unfortunately, when the euphemisms like “pro-choice,” “women’s health,” and “reproductive rights,” conveniently draped over the reality of this “procedure,” another word designed to allow people to avoid reality, are ripped down, the hideous truth is there for all to see. The recent trial of “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell, with filthy blood-stained sofas where women could wait to exercise their precious “choice,” which might include receiving inappropriate dosages of potent drugs from untrained, clueless staff in an unsanitary examining room before being probed with dirty medical tools, and babies having their spines snapped before their corpses were thrown in a refrigerator, was a window into what those euphemisms try to cover up. And speaking of cover ups, the liberals in dinosaur media did their best to cover up the Gosnell story precisely because it did force people to look at the reality of liberalism’s sacrament, legalized abortion.

Over the last few days, we’ve witnessed the near canonization of grandstanding democrat Texas state senator Wendy Davis, the perky blonde in pink tennis shoes, who also has a tough time saying the “a” word. You won’t find it once in the latest in a series of rousing speeches she made this week. No matter. If you can show me a better example of tremendous courage than a woman who boldly dares to stand up and declare her support for a position embraced by the entire liberal media, Hollywood, academia, and the popular culture, I’d like to see it. Wasn’t it exhilarating to see that mob, screeching and applauding in support of killing babies and temporarily thwarting the will of most citizens of the state of Texas? They too showed great courage and commitment. It’s so moving to see people excited by their desire to protect freedom and human rights. Or excited by the promise of $1300/$2200 a month. From Illinois Review:

Now it has been discovered that a radical left-wing group with ties to the Obama re-election campaigns sought to hire outside agitators for pro-abortion mischief at the Texas Capitol as a new session has begun that will again attempt to pass abortion restrictions aimed at increasing safety for women and protecting late-term babies that can feel pain.

An ad on Craig’s List in Austin by “Grassroots Campaigns” sought to hire abortion activists for “our Pro Choice Campaign in Austin” offered to pay $1300-$2200/month.

The Craig’s List Ad was taken down sometime this morning after news of it began to circulate among pro-life activists on Facebook, but Operation Rescue archived the ad before it’s removal.

So Wendy’s “people’s filibuster,” as inspiring as anything in a Leni Riefenstahl film, was a fraud like everything else associated with this story.

In addition to rent-a-mobs, Texas feminists have decided to haul out the really heavy artillery to fight this threat to their rights, and by that I’m not referring to the women themselves, although I can understand if you found that reference confusing. No, some of Wendy’s supporters are suggesting that until men learn to support “reproductive health” and “respect women,”  women stage a sex strike, which brings me back to the beginning of this column. I submit that many of these women have been on an involuntary sex strike for decades, which I think you’ll agree explains a lot.


  1. If they all go on a sex strike, we won’t need abortion laws: no sex, no pregnancies, no abortions…You go girls.

    • Thanks for your comment, Norma. As I said, many of them have been on an involuntary sex strike for YEARS. That’s one reason they are so angry, no doubt. 🙂
      Miss you lots! Let’s have some face time soon!

  2. Well, in part my references to the unfortunate appearances of these women is for comedic purposes, but I have actually always found it bizarre that women who do everything they can to make themselves as unattractive to men as possible are so obsessed with abortion. I think that is an intelligent observation. I also think my argument about the need for proponents of abortion to cloak this hideous, life-destroying “procedure” in euphemisms about “choice” and “women’s health” designed to allow people to avoid recognizing what’s really going on is an intelligent argument. I also think my point about Wendy Davis’ “people’s filibuster” being not only an undemocratic mob, but a rent-a-mob is an important and intelligent argument. So, I don’t agree that my piece was simply “you’re ugly.”
    Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, John. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Right, it is, so why are they obsessed with this horrible procedure?

  5. So you’re saying that women and medical pros are against state laws requiring facilities that perform abortions to have aisles wide enough to accommodate stretchers? On what do you base that? I’m a woman, and I favor those regulations. I find it hard to believe that other women don’t. I also fail to see how it benefits women to oppose state laws that require doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges. How does that benefit women?

  6. In the overwhelming majority of cases, abortion is bad for women. End of story.

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