Will China Rule the World? Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

In response to the release of New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor’s new book “The Obamas,” Michelle rejects the charge that she is “an angry black woman,” a phrase that no one can find in Ms. Kantor’s book. Michelle’s use of that phrase is very revealing. If we want to find ample evidence that Mrs. Obama is a race-obsessed, seething cauldron of rage and entitlement, we need look no further than her own statements over the years. Let’s enjoy some of those together today, shall we?

While commenting on the kerfuffle over the book, former Enron consultant/leftist munchkin Paul Krugman was the latest Lame Stream Media mouthpiece for the current administration to marvel at the lack of scandals in the Obama administration. Perhaps Mr. Krugman is a teensy-weensy bit out of the loop. The name “Solyndra,” the now-bankrupt recipient of a half-billion dollars of our cash and coincidentally an investment owned by Obama campaign “bundler” George Kaiser, is now infamous, but even as it was the subject of yet another Friday document dump by the regime, it turns out that there are actually 11 more Solyndras, ratholes into which Barack Obama has thrown buckets of taxpayer money. CBS’ Sheryl Atkisson continues to commit actual journalism on this case, just as she did on the Fast and Furious gun walking mess, another Obama “non scandal.”

This morning Chris Matthews, obviously thinking about the gaudy foreign policy credentials Barack Obama accumulated while voting present in the Illinois State Senate after several years standing on a Chicago street corner with a clipboard, wondered whether Mitt Romney’s lack of foreign experience would hurt him if he is the GOP’s nominee. Other pundits have endlessly debated whether the former Massachusetts’ governor’s Mormon faith, wealth or tenure at Bain Capital are hindrances in his pursuit of the presidency, but one New York Times columnist thinks Mitt has an ace of up his sleeve; specifically that he is the “whitest man to run for President.”

Mitt Romney is the one candidate who has spoken about the threat to the United States represented by the rise of China, but is this threat real? We’ll ask our guest Troy Parfitt, author of Why China Will Never Rule the World.  I wonder what he thinks of the Chinese Martin Luther King Memorial?

Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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