UPDATED: Will David Gregory Be Charged? We Should Find Out Today.

UPDATE: What did I tell you? Emily Miller from the Washington Times reports “David Gregory Gets Off Scot-Free.”

We should find out today whether the laws apply to the rich and powerful in Washington, D.C. Stop laughing, you cynical bitter clingers! I am completely serious. I just got off the phone with the press spokesman for the Attorney General’s office in D.C. and he told me that they will be sending out a statement today about this matter.

I asked on this edition of the Teri O’Brien Show, we asked “Where is the perp walk for David Gregory?” I guess we’ll find out today.

Why do I suspect we’ll get some mealy-mouthed BS about how he didn’t intent to break the law, as if that matters (just ask Adam Meckler), and which is not true, since we know his producers were informed before he performed this little stunt that he would be breaking the law?


  1. I find that liberals are at their most insufferable when they are trying to explain to us bitter clingers why their obvious hypocrisy is not as hypocritical as it seems.

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