Will Gov. Christie Ask Us to Take a Walk Down Memory Lane?

Could it really be four years ago today since this unintentionally hilarious and ridiculous display of unbridled narcissism and cult of personality?

As many have noted, this year the One will not be trotting out the faux Greek columns. Given his plan to deliberately cripple the United States of America with crushing debt and bring it down to size, I don’t think he wants to make voters think about Greece.

I also don’t think the Obama campaign wants us to remember that while the Dear Reader was demonstrating his excellent TelePrompTer reading skills in Denver, his apparatchiks back in Chicago were trying to silence Teri O’Brien Show guest/friend, the dogged investigator Stanley Kurtz, and prevent him from unmasking the Marxist eager to occupy the White House.

Do you think any of the speakers tonight will remind us of Obama’s buffoonish performance four years ago?


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