Will Luis “Open Borders” Gutierrez Be Following Jesse Jackson Jr. to the Steel Hotel?

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Mr. Amnesty and Open Borders, is a socialist, and so, OF COURSE, he and his family are living high on the hog on the backs of their slaves, also known as taxpayers.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D., Ill.) paid his wife more than $100,000 from his campaign funds during the 2016 election cycle, campaign finance records show.

Soraida Gutierrez, Luis’s wife, worked as a lobbyist in Illinois from 2003 to 2009. In 2010, Soraida joined Luis’s campaign committee, Gutierrez for Congress. Soraida has since collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from Gutierrez’s campaign coffers.…

Soraida was compensated $347,000 from Gutierrez’s campaign committee between 2010 and 2016.

Rep. Gutierrez’s wife was not his only family member to receive payments from his campaign committee.

His two daughters, Omaira and Jessica, received thousands in payments since 2010. The payments to his daughters were made for bookkeeping services and a fundraising project.

Not bad for the wife of a former cab driver, turned social justice warrior and Chicago political hack. One of the afore-mentioned daughters, Omaira, was also the beneficiary of a very sweet condo deal. (Read on). Back to the story about Luis’ wife’s cashing in.

Congressional members have been allowed to place family members on their campaign payrolls since 2001. The allowance stems from an opinion issued by the Federal Election Commission after a request from former Rep. Jesse Jackson (D., Ill).

After the opinion, Jackson paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to his wife’s firm. Jackson and his wife later pleaded guilty in 2013 to using nearly $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use.

Gutierrez’s office did not immediately return a request for comment on the payments.

MMM…Now that Donald Trump will be the president in a few weeks, there may be a new U.S. Attorney in town, Luis. Have you thought of that?

About that condo deal, from none other than the Huffington Post, repeating the reporting of the Chicago Sun-Times:

Two stories in the Chicago Sun-Times Monday suggest that the daughter of Representative Luis Gutierrez may have received preferential treatment from the city and state government.

Omaira Figueroa was hired by the Rod Blagojevich administration in 2004, after being listed on a secret clout database kept by the indicted ex-governor, the Sun-Times reports. Four years later, despite earning a healthy salary, she bought an affordable housing unit from a donor to her father’s campaign, with the blessing of an alderman who Gutierrez mentored.

The congressman vehemently denies any wrongdoing in either case.

Gutierrez wouldn’t entertain such speculation “unless you could show me she violated some rule, that she got some kind of special treatment,” he told the Sun-Times. “It’s just not there.”

In the case of Figueroa’s 2004 hiring, the congressman’s daughter was taken on at the Illinois Commerce Commission after working as an assistant sergeant-at-arms for the city council. The job earns her nearly $60,000 a year….

Four years later, Figueroa purchased a condo slated as “affordable housing” in Chicago’s 26th Ward, then represented by Ald. Billy Ocasio. Ordinarily, Figueroa wouldn’t have been eligible for affordable housing from the city, but “through a 26th Ward ‘community’ initiative that ‘wasn’t an official government program,’ “ as an Ocasio spokesman described it, she landed the two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo for $155,000.

Roman Popovych, the developer who sold her the condo, donated $1,000 to her father’s campaign six months before the purchase. He also donated over $13,000 to Ocasio.

Figueroa re-sold the condo a year later for a profit of almost $85,000 — which would also have been forbidden under the city’s affordable-housing rules.


Chicago, there’s a swamp that needs draining.

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