Will Obama Mention His “Success” in Yemen During Tonight’s State of the Union?

As you know, tonight is the State of the Union speech, and you no doubt will be watching intently. What am I talking about? As if. As if anyone except nerds like me will be watching. Of course, this narcissistic empty suit is an insufferable gasbag, and it’s gotten to the point where his voice makes nails on a blackboard sound like sweet music.

As I said last Sunday, given the breathtaking lawlessness of this regime, Republicans, who have decided to assure this jackass that they will not use the tools the Founders gave them to put a stop to this gangsta government, should at least make a symbolic act of resistance. Stay home, or take a cue from the police officers in New York City and turn your backs on him as he walks in.

Here’s a thought. Please do yourself a favor, and DO NOT watch this alone!  Watch it with me!As John “Lurch” Kerry and his pal, bald hippie fossil, James Taylor might say, you’ve got a friend, We will be here doing a live chat during the speech, so please join us!

Here’s some things I’ll be watching for tonight.

Will Obama mention his success in Yemen? And by “success” I mean that the country has descended into chaos, and the Shiite rebels fighting al Qaeda, while the government sits by watching helplessly, enter the presidential palace in Sanaa. This failed state is the perfect staging area for al Qaeda to train murderers like the Kouachi Brothers, who trained there, back to Europe and the U.S. to kill and maim innocent people. Think Afghanistan 2.0. Soon Afghanistan will probably also descend into chaos under the One’s “lead from (his) behind” strategy, so then I may have to adjust my nomenclature, but you get the idea.

The democrats will erupt in thunderous applause when he announces all the goodies he wants to give to cronies and mascot groups. “Free” stuff, Boys and Girls, for those of you that his Highness decides are “deserving” of what other people earned. I’ll work hard to keep from throwing up.

Obama will unveil some new moronic clichés that the lapdog media will repeat incessantly in the next few days. Watch for “Middle Class Economics,” and the “trust fund loophole,” nonsensical phrases that will delight the democrats who will jump up and clap like clapping monkeys.

Mooch will have some special guests in her box, people who have the “grit and dedication [that] represent what’s best about this country.” Of course, like the illegal immigrant who will be enjoying the speech from a place of honor. If you can show me a better example of what’s great about America than someone who breaks our laws, I’d like to see it.

So join us, and like the next years, we’ll get through this together.


  1. As unpleasant as it was, I listened to the entire speech. He never once mentioned Yemen, or so much as made an oblique reference to it. He did crow about the end of combat in Afghanistan but I suspect that we have not heard the last of the Taliban.

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