Will Tonight’s Debate Be Conducted With Affirmative Action in Place?

We know that when Barack Hussein Obama’s ascended to the presidency, that act represented the successful completion of his climb up the ladder of power. To conquer each rung of that ladder, be it admission to Columbia, Harvard or ultimately to the White House, Barry, allegedly disadvantaged by his race, got the benefit of an affirmative-action boost. Is it really fair for him to be expected to perform in tonight’s town hall using the same rules as that rich, white, privileged, felonious. cancer-inflicting plutocrat Mitt Romney? The answer is obvious! Granted, as we noted here, Candy Crowley, like any member of the Lame Stream Media, will select questions that put Romney at a disadvantage, but that’s not nearly enough to compensate for the horrible disadvantages Barack Obama has suffered his entire life. So, it’s only fair that he and his campaign be given the questions in advance, isn’t it?

Will that be the excuse when we find out that they were?


  1. Gaile, you may have something. If we gave him a ladder as a going away present, he could join Jimmuh Carter in his house building hobby. Maybe between the two of them they could figure out which end of the hammer to hold.

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