Woman Calls 911, But Is Choked and Raped Anyway. Dispatcher Had Said, “So Sorry. No Cops Here”

From the UK Daily Mail:

A terrified woman from Josephine County, Oregon, dialed 911 to report that her violent ex-boyfriend is trying to break into her home, but in response she was told that there are no officers on duty to help her.

The cash-strapped sheriff’s department in the county had been forced to lay off 23 of its 29 deputies after losing millions in federal aid. The remaining six officers had their shifts slashed to eight hours Monday through Friday.

Unfortunately for the woman faced with an out-of-control jilted lover, her 911 call came on a Saturday.

Eventually, the crazed man forced his way into the house, choked his former girlfriend and raped her without no one there to stop him.

The suspect, Michael Bellah, was later arrested and pleaded guilty to kidnapping, assault and sex abuse.

This horrible crime happened last August, and now, in time honored fashion, liberals, and by that I mean the media, are blaming–wait for it–the fact that people in this county don’t pay enough taxes. Also from the Daily Mail story:

The details of her horrific ordeal last August emerged on Tuesday after voters in Josephine and Curry counties with the lowest property taxes in the state turned down tax increases that would have increased the number of officers on the force.

Even if the county residents were to approve the levy, which would have raised taxes from 59 cents to $1.48 per $1,000 of property value for the next three years, it would have been too late for one local woman.

Of course, as you well know, when seconds count, the police arrive in minutes, and I have a better idea. This post from Susan Callaway, The Man I Might Have Killed, will shed some light on that.

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