Women Combat Soldiers = Cannon Fodder

Women Combat Soldiers = Cannon Fodder
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
The definition of “cannon fodder” from the Merriam-Webster.com/dictionary:

1:  soldiers regarded or treated as expendable in battle

2:  an expendable or exploitable person, group, or thing

The Free Dictionary.com defines cannon fodder this way:  “Soldiers, sailors, or other military personnel regarded as likely to be killed or wounded in combat.”

Now, I ask you:  Are Americans going to stand by and allow the leftist social engineers to send America women to die on the alter of “progressive social experimentation?”

There is an article that you need to read entitled “Military Gender Issue Reignites as 45 Percent of Female Marines Fail Pull-up Test.”

Here are some astounding snippets from the article:

“Despite being given more than a year’s warning that pull-ups would be the only option for testing females’ upper body strength in the Corps’ Physical Fitness Test (PFT) starting January 1, only 45 percent of those tested at Paris Island, South Carolina, met the bare minimum of three.”

And this:

“Said Marine Corps Commandant General James Amos, the Corps wants to “continue to gather data and ensure that female Marines are provided with the best opportunity to succeed.” In the interim, they may continue to opt out of the pull-up requirement in favor of the much less demanding “flexed-arm hang” which requires only that the soldier to hang with her chin above the bar for a minimum of 15 seconds.” 

” … 15 female and 266 male Marines took the Corps’ grueling two-month infantry course, carrying 85-pound packs and rifles and engaging in various obstacle courses while at the same time learning how to shoot, launch grenades, conduct patrols, and avoid IEDs (roadside bombs). Of the men, 221 made it through the course, while just three women finished.”  If that wasn’t bad enough the article went on to say:  “Earlier 20 female Marines attempted to complete the even more difficult officers’ training course, and none passed.”

It is said that there are lies and there are damned lies.  One of the latter is that men and women are the same. Liberal belief in such garbage is going to come back to bite us.  And it is going to hurt.

I find it more than a little difficult to support a system that will place its mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters in harm’s way for defense of the nation when there are more than enough able bodied men to perform the task of fighting our wars. Placing women in combat roles to bear the brunt of the fighting, killing, dying, the violence that is war is unjustified — period.  It is, in my opinion, just another sign of the extremity of American social decay.

Look. It is sad enough to witness men who have had their limbs blown off, or have been hideously disfigured by war.  But it is a price men have always paid in order to protect those who give life to their progeny.  It is they, the women,  who will re-populate the earth, give birth to the babies that will replace the men/warriors lost in the defense of the nation. It is they we ought to protect from the risk of being killed, disabled, or mentally damaged by war.  They are to be protected — not placed in the front lines where the dangers are the highest. 

There are a myriad of jobs in the military that do not require life endangerment.  Traditionally women have served in those roles thereby releasing men from those jobs so they can take their place in combat and other high risk positions.

“In 1948, the Israelis put women soldiers into the front lines, but had to pull them after a few weeks. Discipline broke down, morale plummeted and men ignored orders, rushing instead to protect the women. Some men lost their sanity when they saw women being blown apart.

… The Israelis quickly grasped that women have no business being in combat, and that is their policy to this day. They train women for emergency situations, removing them if combat begins.”  — SOURCE:  http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/892454/posts

The world has changed since 1948 and not particularly for the better.  There has been a dramatic shift in the American character. The decay of our morals has accelerated at an alarming pace. Today we seem to know the price of everything — and the VALUE  of nothing. 

That the US would place women in combat roles in its military for purely political reasons says something about just how low we have sunk as a civilized society.

J. D. Longstreet



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