I Wonder If They Talked About Income Inequality …

Hawaii, tropical paradise

Hawaii, tropical paradise

Just about a year ago, our esteemed Dear Reader, Barack Hussein Obama (Praise be his name), declared “income inequality” the “defining challenge of our time,” and advocated (what else?) government action to redress this severe problem.

Or maybe I should say that government should take MORE action, because the federal government has assisted at least one minority couple, making it possible for them to experience the very finest things in life, luxuries available to only the richest of the rich. For example, consider where Barack and Michelle dined on New Year’s Day. From The Hill:

President Obama and Michelle Obama started 2015 with a dinner at a super exclusive restaurant, where memberships cost as much as $500,000.

While vacationing in Hawaii on Thursday, the president and first lady shared a meal at a Honolulu members-only restaurant called Vintage Cave, according to White House press pool reports.

The deluxe eatery’s website says guests dining in the “cave-like environment” are encouraged to “relax, ‘hit reset’ and escape the ordinary.” A “special” membership at Vintage Cave runs $50,000 while a “charter” membership costs $500,000.

They didn’t have to join, though. They just paid for their humble dinner. From the Weekly Standard:

The restaurant’s prix fixe menu is reportedly $295, with a 13-15 course meal. One local magazine estimates “total bill for two, with wine, will approach $1,000.”

What do you notice more, the hypocrisy or the the irony?

Other questions occur to me. Does Michelle ever feel guilty about her slave ancestors and their suffering, without which she would not be able to be one of the two most successful race grifters in the history of this country? Is there no end to the revolting phoniness of these two affirmative-action assisted, mediocre parasites?

I know. Reparations have to start somewhere.


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