World Up in Flames, Obama Phones It In: The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-10-14

The Teri O'Brien Show

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Yazidi Refugees

Obama-golf-jpgBarack Obama’s “lead from behind” foreign policy strategy is working out even better than his brilliant stewardship of things here at home. Fortunately, he was able to go off on his vacation to one of the playgrounds for the 1% that he and his repellant wife, Michelle Antoinette, love so much, Martha’s Vineyard, and was able to get in one round of golf already. Just who was in yesterday’s jolly foursome on the delightful resort links yesterday as children starved and died of dehydration in Iraq?

The group that Obama mocked as the “J.V.,” ISIS, now poses a direct threat to the United States. As usual, the Lame Stream Media hasn’t told you about the terrifying details of why that’s the case. We will.

While actual refugees run for their lives in Iraq, the “refugees” that Obama invited to invade our southern border have been quietly distributed throughout our country and are poised to arrive for their taxpayer subsidized educations. Enjoy your weekend, Sucker, because tomorrow it’s back to work to pay for that and more.

As we discussed on last Sunday’s show, last Friday was the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation. Yesterday marked another significant event, this one from 45 years ago. What does it have to do with where we are today and with Barack Obama?

Be ahead of the curve! Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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