Worthless Rag Rolling Stone is Still Publishing? Who Knew?

I have one word to say to all my friends who are sending me tweets and emails telling me that I must boycott Rolling Stone over their ridiculous Rolling Stone cover featuring a murdering terrorist because it’s disgusting and tasteless, and glamorizes an enemy of the United States. Seriously? I almost have the energy to get outraged over anything that happens at Rolling Stone. Unlike most of the people who heard about this controversy I was not surprised to discover that they didn’t go bankrupt 20 years ago. That’s the primary reason that they decided to make Jokar a cover boy. They wanted attention, and they succeeded brilliantly.

Disgusting, tasteless and supportive of America’s enemies is exactly what I would expect from the dope-smoking passel of aging hippies, who are mired in 1960’s nostalgia, and their wet-behind-the ears acolytes at Rolling Stone. They are part of the leftwing 5th column, the enemy within, whose underlying philosophy is the same one shared by Bill Ayers, Eric Holder and Barack Obama; that is, that Amerika is an imperialistic, racist nation founded by a bunch of despicable, elitist slave-holding DEWM (Dead European White Men), who founded a nation that reflects their  reprehensible views and wrote an irrevelant, outdated document that we should not only ignore, but trample whenever possible, the Constitution.

Bill Clinton RS

In 1992, when they put this guy on the cover, I was done with Rolling Stone.

Of course, they love to put criminals and degenerates on their covers precisely for the same reason that they featured this latest clown, to get publicity. In fact, it would be pointless for me to boycott this rag because I’ve been effectively doing that for many years for just that reason. When they decided to put a repellant reprobate on their cover, I was done. Oh,  and there was also Charles Manson.manson



This “scandal” shouldn’t even be on the radar screens of serious people. It’s just another example of the stinking sewer that the popular culture has become. The real outrage is that so many clueless kids get their “news” from worthless outlets like The Daily Show, TMZ, and Rolling Stone. The best response for foolishness like this cover is the one that they use when someone runs out on the field during the television broadcast of a baseball game. Don’t give the perp exactly what he wants by showing him on television.



  1. I agree Rob. Why do you think they call it dope?

  2. Right Jeff. Good catch.

  3. Well, Excuuuuuse Me Jeff! Sorry I missed the key before my first cup of Coffee. For the record, Yes, I have been there. Amoeba Records is on the corner… I was there a number of years ago with my Son as he was locating some rare Jazz Albums. On another note, this corner of San fran contains some of the strangest people I have ever seen! Not that I would know anything about this location of course…. For the record, I am well travelled.

  4. Unlike Rob, even though I have been to Europe and Japan, and of course San Francisco, I don’t think of myself as well-traveled. I think of myself who likes to stay within 10 miles of my house.

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