WTF File: How Did We Get Into This Mess? Today on The Teri O’Brien Show-3-31-13

On this Easter Sunday, it’s essential that Americans count our many blessings. We have a lot of problems to solve, but we live in the greatest country on earth. Still, as our economy continues to limp along, Obamacare begins its steps of destruction, and our media is obsessed with so-called “same sex marriage,” it’s also appropriate to ask, how did we get here? How did we get into this mess? Certainly it is the result of Barack Obama’s ongoing project to “remake” (read “destroy”) the country we grew up in and replace it with a Euro-style socialist paradise. To completely answer the question, though, we need to take a step back. The very fact that someone like B. Hussein Obama could be elected President of the United States in the first place is nothing short of appalling, given his radical, anti-Constitution ideology, which he has embraced for 30 years and which was not exactly a secret, at least not to those who bothered to scratch the surface about his background. Bingo. I think I have swerved into an essential part of the analysis. It seems obvious that no one who had even a nodding acquaintance with Barack Obama’s voting record, his writings, and his Amerika-hating friends, and who considered that he was a product of the corrupt Cook County political machine by way of ACORN, could have considered voting for this man, unless of course, the voter’s goal was the destruction of the America we have known and loved.

So haven’t we answered our own question? We (1) knew that Barack Obama was a radical who described the U.S. Constitution as document of “negative rights,” meaning that he considered its system of limited federal power an obstacle to his grand plans and (2) understood the implications of that fact; specifically, we connected those dots, which lead to the inevitable understanding that a government big enough to give us everything we want is also big enough to take everything we have. That’s why we could never have supported Barack Obama and put him in the position to do the damage he continues to do to our great nation. Those who I have called the “low information” voters since 2009 were different. They didn’t see any problem with voting for this “cool” “historic” figure. Presto-the Left’s 100-year project of dumbing down the population through the public education system produced their ultimate victory!

For decades, Hillsdale College has attempted to stand against the Left’s promotion of ignorance in the service of socialism. It is devoted to making sure that the next generation does appreciate and revere our Constitution, and one of its best, economics professor Gary Wolfram has written a new book designed to push back the frontiers of ignorance. “The Capitalist Manifesto” does what I thought was impossible: making economics, specifically free market economics, not only accessible, but interesting. He’ll join us to explain what we can do to reach the Lo-Fos and take back our country.

Barack Obama continues to travel around the country lying about ”universal background checks” for gun purchases. He says we should feel ashamed for not supporting his idiotic, pointless gun control agenda. I say he should be ashamed for trying to use murdered children to trample on the rights of law abiding citizens. What say you? More in our 2nd Amendment update.

Is there a deal on “comprehensive immigration reform?” Sen. Chuck Schumer says “yes,” but Sen. Marco Rubio, also a member of the “Gang of Eight,” who have been working on the issue, isn’t so sure

The White House remains closed to the public, so no tours for any of the little people lucky enough to afford a spring break vacation to D.C. Our Dear Reader was forced to cut 2% from the increases in his profligate spending by that scary sequester, and so now the peasants must pay. Meanwhile, the Obama daughters enjoy the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” apparently doing the “sun and ski” package favored by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. First, petting dolphins and partying at “Club Crush” at the luxurious Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, then, because since when in one vacation enough for any member of the Obama family,  a Sun Valley ski trip. How much did these trips, with the private jets, the Secret Service agents and other miscellaneous expenses, cost taxpayers? We know that Malia Obama’s Mexico spring break getaway last year cost us over $115, 000. And how was YOUR spring break, Bitter Clinger?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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  1. olejną coś ziemi do dołu, Otarł spocone pierwsze szeregi, Sylvia rozmazując
    nadal w wyższym stopniu gnój. – Szczyptę się przebieg zdarzeń.
    .. Owo nie sposobność, owo nie kroczy o naszej firmy
    bądź interesy Kędziora. O owe, która klika lepsza,
    czeczeńska lub moskiewska.
    Powiedz garść, kurde…
    Wagner z wigorem wbił łopata w planetę, Niedbały kurhan został poprzednio zasypany.

    Dosyć tego udeptać dodatkowo ogródek będzie niby innowacyjny.


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