Yesterday’s Obamacare “Success Stories”: Who Were Those People?

As we mentioned yesterday, the Regime has launched a three-week PR blitz to try to outrun the reality. The happy talk about the Obamacare website doesn’t change the fact that security experts have said repeatedly that it’s an identity thief’s dream. The administration itself suggests that even if you think that you are successful at enrolling in a health insurance plan, you make sure to confirm that fact by calling the insurance company, you know like the way you have to call and confirm that your order was actually accepted. So, Obama’s cheerleading notwithstanding, after over 3.5 years and over $600 million poured down this rathole, the website is still a fiasco, but the real problem is this heinous income and wealth redistribution scheme.

There are two essentials whenever Obama’s apparatchiks stage one of these ridiculous propaganda events: (1) a TelePrompTer loaded up with more lies and (2) a group of staunch supporters standing proudly behind him, silently showing their support. Usually, these people are the usual suspects; that is, public employee union members, leftwing activists and their friends and relatives. Often, they release a list of names and titles for the members of the human wallpaper, but as Byron York reports today,  yesterday’s event was different.

There were 18 other people standing with Weeks and the president on stage. Obama began his remarks by saying, “Thanks to Monica, thanks to everybody standing behind me.” A little later, criticizing Republicans who have pronounced Obamacare a failure, the president said, “I would advise them to check with the people who are here today and the people that they represent all across the country whose lives have been changed for the better by the Affordable Care Act.

But Obama never said who those people were, and, unlike other events, the White House did not release their names or biographies. A spokesman later said the White House would not provide the information. A pool report called the group “19 individuals whom the White House said benefited from health care reform.” Beyond that, their connection to Obamacare remains unknown.

Of course, for the Regime’s purposes, it doesn’t matter who they are, or whether any of the “success” stories are actually true or not. Does anyone believe that the events that are featured on North Korean television are real? Propaganda is about “optics,” images designed to placate the ignorant and dull witted who might be susceptible to support democrats in 2014.

I’d like to take Mr. Obama up on his offer and talk to these people. Given the Regime’s record, I think we’d find it very interesting. Why do I suspect that the reality would be very different from the photo op? Remember Jessica Sanford, the woman touted as another “success” in an Obama Rose Garden propaganda event? It turned out that she couldn’t afford the health insurance after all. And, as Mr. York’s piece notes:

The last time Obama gathered everyday Americans to stand behind him as he delivered remarks on Obamacare turned into something of an embarrassment for the White House. It was Oct. 21, during the worst of the Obamacare website’s dysfunction, and the White House wanted to showcase people who had successfully navigated the system. The problem was, the brief biographies of those on stage — biographies released by the White House — showed that they had had the briefest and barest of interactions with the health care plan. One was said to have “used to process his application and is waiting for the options for potential plans.” Another was said to be “planning to enroll after he explores his coverage options on the D.C. exchange.” And yet another was said to be planning “to comparison-shop for the best plan that meets her budget and needs.” They weren’t exactly success stories.

There are no success stories. The Left lies.


  1. People are are expressing dissent over being subjected to “Josef Mengele” type medical care “for the greater good,” while their Government officials still enjoy their class A plans… but the media won’t report it.

  2. The only people benefiting from the obamacare mandate (I suspect) are likely to be government employees… But our diligent do nothing mainstream media cheerleeders would probably overlook this too. What I find peculiar is “HOW” people who claim they could never afford health insurance before, suddenly find themselves in a windfall of cash to do so? Or am I just being sarcastic? (we’ve all seen the premiums, so we know it’s more expensive than prior to the healthcare mandate).

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