Yoko Ono Wails Her Reaction to Trump Victory

Yoko Ono has her Depends in a bundle and, you America, are going hear her roar, or howl, or wail. Or something.

CAUTION: the audio in this clip may cause migraines, seizures or an irresistible impulse to take a sledgehammer to your computer. You have been warned.


From the Mirror UK:

Many people around the world are disappointed with the result of the US election, but one celebrity has captured our feelings about Donald Trump’s victory better than anyone else.

Yoko Ono has bemoaned the result by sharing a recording of her wailing – if that’s how you can describe the noise.

The 20 second clip is a strange combination of John Lennon’s widow crying out, howling and hyperventilating.

She should send this clip to MS-NBC. It sounds as insightful and interesting as most of the post-election commentary I have heard over there. Perfect job: fill-in host for Chris Matthews. Who’s with me?


  1. This is the most intelligent statement from the leftists that has been spewed so far…

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