New York Times Says Obamacare Debacle Helps Lo Fo’s Connect the Commie Dots

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Help spread the word about the Left and style at the same time with this cool shirt.

Since 2004, The Teri O’Brien Show and here at have been attempting to educate the public about the real Barack Obama, mentored by communist Frank Marshall Davis, who may in fact be his biological father, steeped in radical leftist ideology his entire life, and 20-year parishioner in good standing at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Church of the Black Panther. We warned that Obamacare is the mother of all income redistribution schemes. Understanding that  fact is not exactly rocket science. It should have been obvious to even a casual observer. A corollary that should have been equally obvious is that there was no way on earth that Barack Obama’s cynical, deliberate lies that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” could be true. The whole racket was designed to benefit the victims of the unfair, racist Amerika that Barack learned about from Frank, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and those marxist professors he (or more likely Ayers) wrote about in his ridiculous book.

The Left has to obfuscate, manipulate the rules, and flat out lie to do what they want to do. It’s that simple, and Obamacare is no different. Yesterday even the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times admitted it. From John Harwood’s story, “Don’t Dare Call the Health Law ‘Redistribution.’”

Rebecca M. Blank was a top candidate in 2011 to lead President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, but then the White House turned up something politically dangerous.

“A commitment to economic justice necessarily implies a commitment to the redistribution of economic resources, so that the poor and the dispossessed are more fully included in the economic system,” Ms. Blank, a noted poverty researcher, wrote in 1992. With advisers wary of airing those views in a nomination fight, Mr. Obama passed over Ms. Blank, then a top Commerce Department official and now the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin. Instead he chose Alan Krueger, a Princeton economist.

“Redistribution is a loaded word that conjures up all sorts of unfairness in people’s minds,” said William M. Daley, who was Mr. Obama’s chief of staff at the time. Republicans wield it “as a hammer” against Democrats, he said, adding, “It’s a word that, in the political world, you just don’t use.”

These days the word is particularly toxic at the White House, where it has been hidden away to make the Affordable Care Act more palatable to the public and less a target for Republicans, who have long accused Democrats of seeking “socialized medicine.” But the redistribution of wealth has always been a central feature of the law and lies at the heart of the insurance market disruptions driving political attacks this fall.

Ya think? What this story points out is the unfortunate fact that many people, especially those that we fondly call the Lo Fo’s, the low information, pop culture obsessed, but otherwise clueless, don’t connect obvious dots. More from the NYT story:

When Mr. Obama ran for president in 2008, Republicans tried to wound him by accusing him of waging “class warfare” to achieve wealth redistribution. That fall, the Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, derided Mr. Obama as the “redistributor in chief” as he seized on Mr. Obama’s comments to an Ohio man later known as “Joe the Plumber” that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.”

Mr. Obama survived that episode and other instances when Republicans deployed old recordings of him using the word “redistribution” as evidence that he was a closet socialist. But Mr. Obama had learned a lesson.

After he took office, he cast his goal of rolling back President George W. Bush’s tax cuts for higher earners not as economic redistribution, but as the restoration of top-end rates from the Clinton years.

The Affordable Care Act was a similar semantic sidestep. The law targeted high earners, too, by raising their Medicare taxes enough to reduce their after-tax incomes by nearly 2 percent, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. That revenue helped finance coverage for those currently without insurance, who tend to have lower incomes and who in many cases will receive government subsidies to make their premiums cheaper.

And yet for those nervous about potential changes, the president promised stability. “If you like your current insurance, you will keep your current insurance,” Mr. Obama said the day he signed the legislation in March 2010, a promise he made repeatedly as the Oct. 1 opening day of the online health insurance marketplaces approached.

Hiding in plain sight behind that pledge — visible to health policy experts but not the general public — was the redistribution required to extend health coverage to those who had been either locked out or priced out of the market.

Now some of that redistribution has come clearly into view. (emphasis mine)

At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll say it again: the Left Lies. The GOP has a golden opportunity to educate those who are not ideological, and who in the past had the luxury of ignoring the Left’s relentless efforts to impose socialism on this country. They need to take advantage of it.


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