You Will Not Believe Why Hillary Was Late Getting Back to Debate Stage

Did Hillary have her people put something in that particular stall? Cheat sheet? Some sort of weapon to use on Bernie, Michael Corleone-style?

From The New York Post: 

Hillary Clinton was prevented from getting back to the stage during the Democratic presidential debate because Eliot Spitzer’s gal pal was hogging the bathroom, according to a report. …

“Sorry,” Clinton said as moderator David Muir was asking Sen. Bernie Sanders a question.

Smith — who was caught getting her toes sucked by Spitzer in a 2014 hot-tub romp — was in the bathroom stall and Clinton had to wait for her to finish, the Globe reported.

The women’s room has multiple stalls, so it’s not clear why Clinton had to wait, according to the paper.


  1. The Queen can not have any mere mortals in her presents while she takes care of her needs.
    She has been none to be a BOW to her interns and staff. They are still looking for several heads she has bitten off.
    However, instead of using the restroom right away to get back to the stage on-time, Clinton waited for it to be completely cleared out so that she wouldn’t have to share the bathroom that had a few stalls available for usage, The Boston Globe reported.

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