WATCH: Young People Think Trump Said It, Shocked to Learn It Was Hillary

Yes, children, once again, you are clueless, but intelligent young people, like people of all ages, are capable of learning and ingesting new information.

Here and on The Teri O’Brien Show, we have chronicled the stunning ignorance of young people for a long time. Here’s some more evidence. From Campus Reform:

Nearly every young person we spoke with was shocked to learn that the list of quotes presented to them belonged entirely to Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump.

“Which candidate made a joke about colored people time saying that black people are always late?” Campus Reform asked.

“Trump… because he’s racist,” one student responded.

“Which candidate suggested a 12 year-old rape victim made up accusations because she enjoyed ‘fantasizing about older men’,” we asked.

Students were again shocked to discover the answer was not Trump, but Hillary.

“What she said about the rape victim was the worst,” a student replied.

“She’s kind of a sketchy person because she is about feminism and everything, but then I saw this quote,” another noted with a sense of betrayal.

Don’t you love the “Trump because he’s racist?” The brainwashing is strong in that one!

I know it’s not easy or fun to hear that you don’t know what you’re talking about, Kids, but the answer isn’t to be angry at those of us who point it out. The solution is to–are you ready for this?–learn something! Rather than getting your “news” from Comedy Central, or the pretend news on the Jurassic over the air networks (ask your Grandma), check out some other sources like this one or other alternative media sites that aren’t drinking the liberal Kool-Aid.

Mr. Trump, you need to do an ad that is similar to this video, or even better, hire Campus Reform to do some more of these videos for your campaign to show young voters how they are being duped by the democrats, both the elected ones and those who aren’t, who sometimes call themselves “journalists.”


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